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No time to think



Well life with a puppy is not dull that is for sure. Fudge is keep me busy every day, but she is learning. Her and Kahlua are always together. Fudge follows her "big sister" everywhere. Kahlua seems to like it most of the time, every now and then she wants a break from the puppy and we give it to her. :hug:


It helps to not have time to sit and think right now. I am having issues with my heart currently and have been wearing a monitor most of the month. Yesterday the doctor called to make sure I was alright as the monitor company called him because I had a bad event that showed up on the monitor. I am going to see a new heart doctor in May, but the doctor I talked to yesterday said they may move up that appointment because of the bad event. If I had time to sit and think all I would do is worry so it is better I don't have the time. :(



Fudge is now part on the family and we love her very much. I put a picture of her in my "babies" album. I also put one of Kahlua in the album.

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Love comes in all sizes, shapes and of every kind, you now have lots of love in the house! No more time to get depressed or feel all alone.


Of course your grocery bill might increase, but if you shop at walmart you "save money.Live better."

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