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First, I wanted to say that I do appreciate comments. Please do not feel obligated to read this blog or comment just for the sake of courtesy.


Last night was the first night in one entire month (since I had the stroke) that I slept well. I was so surprised, I thought I was dreaming when I awoke. God, I hope I can sleep more nights without the panic or fear. I will try to look at this as a small sign of progress.


I did have a low grade headache today. I walked a couple miles with my father since the weather was nice. This is a big step and possibly partially due to being well rested. I do not walk straight.


My left hand still feels like it is not mine, less responsive, cold and weak. My gait is wobbly but has improved very slowly.


I will try to take a bath tomorrow or a shower. I am uncertain as to why, but doing this is very exhausting. Maybe the hot water, I don't know.


I don't know if it is worth mentioning but my left lung has been tight and sore for the last 2 weeks, seems to be improving.


Also, since the stroke, I have lost 12 pounds.


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Good for you Tony for sleeping better. Lets hope this is a new beginning for you. I hear you when you say you feel like the affected arm doesn't feel like it's yours. Believe it or not, it does get better. Just a little tip for you. The more youi involve that arm in whatever you do, (like washing hands as oppose to washing only the good hand) the more it will feel like it is yours. You have to look after it or it will be upset and never do what you want it to do. lol Anyway, just a thought. :tongue:


Another aquarius.



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Glad you are feeling more rested and able to take walks.


Use that left hand as often as possible and you will see and improvement, the brain needs that repetitive reminder until

it becomes automatic.


Yes, taking a shower or bath is very exhausting. But we need to keep up our daily of bathing, brushing our teeth and combing our hair. Makes us feel more human even if we are having to talk our selves into doing.


Keep up the good progress.


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Tony: I am so glad to hear of your success. We take one gain at a time. Continue to rest as you need to and yes, also push the strength and endurance just a bit every day. One day you will say to yourself, Wow, I really am making progress. Exercise that weak arm every day, twice a day if you can tolerate it. It takes the arms-hands the longest to get back. For every cm dropped in muscle due to the stroke, you will only get 1/2 cm back a month, so yes, it will take a while. Also talk to it, do not ignore it. Mostly Bruce forgets he even has a right arm, but I make him carry things between the arm and the body, so that at least his brain is aware that it is still there. Showers are always tiring-you use your entire body. I like it best when Bruce does his before bedtime, he seems to settle better. With the transfer in and out and the standing to wash certain parts and the warm water alot of his spasticity has been relieved and he doesn't have to continually stretch once he's in bed to relieve the spasms.Exercise and activity are your new best friends. Keep it up-Good news, Debbie

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