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This entry will be for Yesterday and Today.


Yesterday I attended my uncle's visitation. He died last week of lymphoma. It was difficult to deal with all of the feelings and activities. I was wore out from that. I hate to see family members so distraught.


I felt ok after a nap but then later that night the left side of my face tingled for about an hour which really freaked me out. I was hoping that it wasn't an onset of another stroke. I took more aspirin and calmed down. The tingling went away.


I woke up after 1.5 hours of sleep feeling awful and then back to sleep I went. I woke up about once an hour for the last 4 hours. At one point I slept on my left arm again and woke up thinking stroke again.


Today so far I feel a bit sick to my stomach, tired, weak, a little dizzy and spaced out. The weather was thunderstorms this morning which could explain my feeling exhausted. Or it could have been the overstimulation from the visitation yesterday. I feel like napping all day but when I lay down I get nervous like I should get up and do something. I have no appetite and no desire to do anything today.


My face started to get tingly again tonight, coupled with a feeling of sickness and disorientation. I have a doctor's apointment tomorrow and then another doctor next week. I am really interested in what the heck is going on inside my head. I hope there are tests to find what is wrong with me. I don't want another stroke.


Tonight is worrying me because of the weird sensations. I was really tired today. I might have a low grade cold. But when you have chronic insomnia, sickness is just part of a weakened immune system, I guess.

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Tony, there are relaxation techniques you can learn that help when you are not sleeping to at least relax you and make you feel more comfortable. Maybe you could find some online and see if they help.


I hope you find a way of getting more sleep soon.



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