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# 14



Today is Friday. I woke up 2 hours after falling asleep and felt awful. I could barely get up. I was extremely nervous and stayed that way for about 2 hours. Eventually I went back to sleep. Since I had a pretty active day yesterday, I thought I might pay for it today. Well, My assumptions were correct, I feel so heavy and tired. It takes forever to complete the simplest tasks. I have been up for several hours and am still trying to get up the strength to shower. I don't feel extremely nervous but only just a bit of slight inner "tickling" that is normal when I am in a weakened state.


Sometimes after a better day I will get a bad day like this from over-doing things the day before. It isn't just is also a feeling as if it is hard to speak correctly, I slur. And it takes a lot of energy to move around, I am clumsy, more than usual. Ifeel like I could lose control of my entire body which is a scary feeling. I sometimes feel like this while sleeping and I wake up in a lucid state, and my body feels so disconnected. Almost like I am on a drug or drunk or something; it is like I am out of it.


I think my muscles are weaker than I had thought before.


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