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I wanted to use this entry to thank everyone for their comments, advice and suggestions. Believe me, they are helpful and do not go unrecognized.


I do think I am blessed sometimes despite the bad times. I believe difficult times happen to people and with them comes knowledge and a wisdom few possess.


I spend so much time thinking, "why me" or "I have lost so much" or "who would want me now" or "my dreams are all gone". It is a very depressing place to be, probably a normal place to be. But there is another place, just over the mental ridge and it is a place where we can change the way we look at our world. It is a place of new ideas, new life, new boundaries and parameters. It is also a place where the fear doesn't monopolize time. It must be a function of our higher thinking. I am now just realizing this and it is powerful.


Today I am tired but have no other complaints. Much Thanks to everyone for all the continuing support. It has had a positive effect and improved my outlook.




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You know, everytime I catch myself asking something like, 'Why me?' I have to stop myself and ask, 'Why not me?' That may not help you at all, but it's sure helped me put my stroke and life into perspective.

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Yes, it's that type of thought process change that can be good. The only problem is that when I was a teenager I was forced into a cult and they changed our minds for us, it changed our identity. Ever since, it has been a very difficult chore to alter my thinking especially at the request of another person. I am VERY skeptical and always try to stick to my own thinking.


But now I am seeing that there is great benefit in knowing when to alter thinking and it can really improve life.

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