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Today I am very tired. It's one of those days.


But it isn't all that bad. Actually I received great news today.


Yesterday I was trying out this new positive attitude thing and this morning I called the hospital about my bill. I have been less than enthusiastic about healthcare and the bills lately.


To my astonishment, my 15,000 dollar hospital bill has been paid! What happened? I'll tell you... I qualified for a government program that helps people pay bills who are in low income brackets (Don't know if it is from the recent health care bill/law or not). Since I have had the first brain injury almost 4 years ago, I have only been able to work part-time. Due to this, the majority of my medical bills have been paid!


I will still owe a couple thousand dollars for doctors and procedures outside of the hospital but I think this is a financial hole I can eventually dig myself out of. Good Day!


What else.... Oh yeah, I have "Delayed" sleep phase syndrome. It sucks. I have had it for probably 20 years.


Today I met a woman who knows a man who has "Advanced" sleep phase syndrome. This is lucky for me! Why, you ask? Because I heard that he recently had a sleep study done and I have never met someone else with the advanced type of this disorder. His sleep disorder is opposite of mine but it is a circadian pattern disorder so it is still very similar. I hope to learn and share information with this fellow, who just so happens to be about my age.


Poor sleep has been slowly killing me for years. Shift work only added to my degenerating health. I have decided to battle this disorder with all of my might. Which isn't much right now but still enough to fight a little. I can't explain this to anyone who doesn't have chronic insomnia but I will say it sucks to spend life in a state of sleepiness and sickliness.


My grandmother recently saw a holistic doctor many miles away. I am very open to unorthodox medicine etc. but I think this guy is a quack. Just from my grandmother's description of my stroke, he extrapolated that I did not have any strokes and that it sounded to him like I have a thyroid disorder and should ingest oleoresin capsicum (a cayenne pepper extract found in pepper spray). He's a quack I tell ya! My grandmother thinks I am closed minded because I refuse to go see this so-called doctor. He's almost as bad as the average family practitioner (who believes everything the pharmaceutical representative tells him/her to believe).


I am going to keep thinking positive, take my aspirin and see what happens. Happy Monday!


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hey Tony:


keep on keeping that positive attitude towards your life and good things will happen. have you read the secret book. it's great book read when you get chance. I have found out keeping positive attitude in my life brings so much more joy to me and people who chose to share this journey with me. I read smeplace happiness is a choice. & I was so excited to find out this is the only xhoice on which I have control over. So I choose to be happy, positive person.



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Asha, I will keep the book in mind. If I can find a copy at the library, I will read it.


Bruce, thank you. The story is good it hasn't seemed so good. :) We all have a good story, if we only had the time.

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Congrats on the great financial news!

Keep the positive thoughts and keep chugging along.

We're all rooting for ya!

Maria :friends:

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