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10 Things Im Thankful for!




1. I remember the Thanksgiving I was stuck in the hospital. My family brought me 3 plates of food. I was on a special diet so I wasn't supposed to eat it but I tried anyway and I got sick the following day at physical therapy. Im thankful I can eat and fellowship today!

2. I remember when I was in high school and felt like I had no friends. No one knew me and the people who did know me picked at me or didn’t want to be my friend. Today I have facebook friends I don’t even know and I cant walk to class without more than 1 person speaking to me!

3. I remember when I couldn’t go to movies, amusement parks, or concerts because my parents were scared I would get headaches and have a seizure. Today, Im thankful haven’t had a seizure in 5 years!

4. I remember when I got turned down for a job at the mall I knew I shouldn’t have worn that skirt that showed my leg brace. Today I have 6 months experience as a GS-4 civilian thanks to a recruitment program for college students with disabilities!

5. I remember when I was tired of the ridicule and just wanted to drop out of school and live off disability. The high school kids made me feel like I was so stupid and retarded. Today, I am on track to graduate with honors a semester early!

6. I remember when I had to use my right arm and leg to get around in a wheelchair, and my quad cane to help me walk. Today I can walk around my house freely without the brace on my leg!

7. I remember when I had to get my head shaved for brain surgeries. I thought I was so ugly looking at my shaved head with the staples and stitches poking through my bruised scalp. Today I have a head full of hair past my shoulders!

8. I remember when I was sad and depressed. I hated my life, attempted suicide and ran away numerous times. I would try to suffocate myself in my pillow while drowning in my tears. Today I am thankful Im not depressed anymore!

9. Losing a loved one is something I never experienced but has always been one of my biggest fears. Having almost lost my dad to cigarettes, my mom to colon cancer, and my grandma to her declining health, Today, I am thankful I get to enjoy the holidays with all of them!

10. I remember when I couldn’t move my left arm, could only use my right hand, had no function in my left foot, and had no left field vision prohibiting me from getting a license. Today I am thankful for my healing and believing that by this time next year I will be totally healed and thankful that the use of my left side is restored!


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Yes, I can remember all your blogs, concerning these very things you are thankful for. Members on here, myself included, keep on encouraging you. We know being a stroke survivor IS a challenge, but when our attitude is positive, and we keep our chin up, we can only see progress, even if it is a little at a time.


Congratulations on all these progresses. There will be more in the future. Just keep thinking positively.




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That's great, just great to hear you say you are coming along and looking forward to being even better next year. Wish I could say the same...But my left side is no functional. I'm so blessed to still have it as some of the soldiers coming home now are without theirs.


That's worse than a stroke and they tell me daily I was blessed doing 22 years in the Army and suffered getting shot but still OK! This stroke done more damage than my service years aside from my PTSD, Post traumatic Stress Disorder and losing three wives in the process.


That's why I can tell you don't worry if relationships don't work out right now, your day and the right person will show up. The wife I got now is an angel and we are going on 13 years of happiness.


God is a good God, believe and pray to him daily, your life will heal! Keep smiling and using your left side as much and regularly as you can!

Your member and friend Fred King!

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