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Well a new pain has shown up and it's scary. I know that i had it before my stroke but me trying to get rid of it brought it on and now it has spread. Charlie made me mad cause he didn't think anything was wrong. It's 11:50 pm right now and I'm still awake and might be for a while. It seems the only thing that help me sleep are the pain meds. It's a lot of pain and while all my injuries from the car accident, I'm used to pretty moderate pain most of the time, this is crazy. Can't get comfortable. Find myself crying a lot and just screaming at God to make it go away or to help me in some kinda of way. I feel like I am in this by myself but I know that I'm not. That whole phrase "I know" seems extrememly irritating lately. Sounds like my hearing is slowly coming back which I am so grateful for. I can hear more clearly out of it now. I know that it probably won't all come back but even half is good with me. Late night blogs! At least it will give me something to do other than watch tv, lol. GN!


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Jillian, if you are trying to sort this out a blog is a good way to do it. You have a lot on your mind, are still close to the beginning of recovery and I guess with a lot of fears pertaining to the strokes you have had.


I have restless leg syndrome so I have toss and turn some nights. I do know the cause and practice relaxation techniques, pray a bit, even sing to myself which sounds funny but works sometimes.


I know this is feeble in relation to what you are dealing with I am just saying you will learn to manage it in time. I know that one sleepless night does no permanent damage although I might be tired and cranky the next day.


So I'll pray for more sleep for you, a release from pain and a dulling of those things that are feeding your fears.



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I am sorry you are going through pain right now, though as Sue said eventually you will learn how to manage pain, I am praying for you & praying fir strength to get through this difficult patches in stroke recovery journey. In time like this just hold on just remember things will change & its not going to b this way forever.



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Jillian: I have watched Bruce turn and fidget for hours trying to relieve his back pain. We found out just recently he has severe spinal arthritis. He has never complained of back pain. Take your meds on time. Do not wait until the pain gets out of control to medicate, they won't work. I automatically medicate Bruce now for therapy and at bedtime.


As Sue suggests part of this is just the fear and pain from recovery. Those poor muscles are straining to get their life back. Do not sit and watch TV. Walk, stand with good safety in mind; at a counter or with grip bars and stretch, knee bends, bend at waist. The less active you are the more the muscles will tighten up. If you can do it safely by yourself, a hot shower or bath. On specific areas you can try ice, but only for 10 minutes maximum. Remember your sensation is diminished, so make sure you pay attention and remove it promptly.


One more suggestion, ask your Doctor for a light sleeping pill. That may also help relax you. Constant pain is terrible to live with and there are some ways to help control at least some of it so you can rest. Best, Debbie

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Jullian, Debbie,& Asha have given you great advice. I use meditation. Concentrate the pain not on any part of your body parts put it in a red imaginary ball watch it, just watch is grow and before you will know it, it is gone. It's not easy to do by no means but keep trying to do and before you know it you can master it. Want more info on this PM me.Jeannie

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