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I will see my son Dan at xmas woohoo



The last time I posted on my blog was just after Easter when Dan had once again cancelled our lunch date. Well, he is very busy as a real estate agent plus he is in a new relationship, I get to meet her xmas day, and we did meet a few times since then.


For the first time since I have been with Andre, I decided to visit my family at my sister's xmas day. Sadly Andre has opted out but I will still go and come back for dinner with my Honey. It will be nice to see everyone and I even have gifts for almost everyone. I hope the others will understand but I can give only to my parents, my son and g/f and my sister who is hosting this party. I will try to sneak the presents passed the ones I could not buy for. I feel bad, in years passed I would have had gifts for everyone but to be fair, the ones who dont have gifts are my sisters kids who I have not heard a peep out of in 5 years so too bad so sad, I will not worry over this. I want to enjoy my visit.


Well, Sue here is my xmas gift to you. I blogged, finally. Merry Xmas to everyone.


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Wow, your blog,your gift to me was wrapped in the prettiest paper and tied up with a beautiful gold bow - so I did get a gift after all.


Thank you MC, you are the best!



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Mc Dube - glad you are seeing your son; that is a BIG gift. As for the people you don't have gifts for and haven't heard from anyway, those people don't help our recovery in any way what so ever. I try to surround myself with positive energy. It works so much better. I have "cut off" a few people myself. Thank you for all the positive energy you have given me these last 5 1/2 Years. Hugs, Leah

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thanks for updating us through your blog. your happiness shines through it. I am sure you are going to have grand time with family. To enjoy it to fullest go without any expectations and just enjoy how events unfold. I am sure you will have good time meeting your son & his girlfriend for the first time.

wish you Merry Christmas & Happy holiday season.



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MC: I remember how disappointed you were last spring. You do so much for us here at StrokeNet and I thought here is someone who just needs a little something for her. This is not about gifts. You sister is probably thrilled you are coming and while I am sorry Andre will not accompany you, this will be family time and you will have a blast.


Moreso, I am so pleased about your son. Best gift you will get. Enjoy your time with him. Please let us know how everything went.


Happiest of Holidays and you have made me smile. Thank you. Debbie

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