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A stroke scare.



Just had a stroke scare. Had all the symptoms minus the double vision and nausea. Lightheaded, dizzy, weak, unbalanced, hearing when out, got really hot like heat flash hot, and rapid heart beat. Just sat down and took deep breaths and asked God not again, and it went away after about five mins. Scared the ever living crap outta me though. I'm in bed and i'm staying here for like...... Ever. I thought that i was taking it easy. i mean i've been running errands and things but nothing big and i think that i just really shouldn't being doing much of anything for a little while. I guess a month just isn't long enough while both arteries are still clotted shut, to start trying to do things on my own again. Ugh. Guess i should call my doc tomorrow. Feels like another step back. Oh and btw, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it's blessed.


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Running errands I still really cannot do that. I was on the stroke rehab floor longer than since you have had your stroke please give your body time to sort out what messages to send and recieve I am not one for sitting you your duff but you do need to take care and also get things like blocked arteries and clotts managed Merry Christmas Since you are home i think your Body needed to remind you Take care and let us know how you are doing Hugs Karen

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Not to scare you but Ray did have his second and third strokes four weeks apart. It can happen.


Take it easy and yep, sort out those arteries, get on some blood thinners if you need them and realise that life can be short and needs to be managed sensibly.


BUT have a peaceful Christmas and leave it all in Gods hands.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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Yea I'm sure that i will have another one i just don't know when and the first one was so.... it's not something i want to experience again. That fear just came flooding back.

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call your doctor and take it easy, you don't want to rush jumping into your old self, ease into new slower you. It does not matter how long it takes it to get things accomplished, important is that it gets done.



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Yea you are right. It's just so hard. I have to adjust to not being the one who runs things anymore when I was master and commander of the house cause Charlie was always out to sea. Just a hard adjustment.

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Hey Jullian slow down,take a breath in. Your body has been hit by a truck needs it's own time to rebuild it's stamina. Be kind to yourself.

remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail:

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I'm hoping that now that all the rushing around is done, I hope that your stress levels go back to normal. I'll be thinking of you

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now that it's the new year i pray it's a happy and healthy one. i agree that you need to just take it easy.listen to your body and let us know if you've gone to the doctor since and what was said. peace and blessings.mlp glad God was listening.Clap-Hands.gif

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