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So for about the past two or three weeks or so, we have been really trying to work on keeping Charlie here when his ship gets underway on this month, but to no avail. Even with a letter from my doctor saying that what happened to me usually kills the ppl it happens to, but also that if it happens again it will most likely kill me, and that I am still in critical yet stable condition. But they don't care. Their words were " Her family needs to sucks it up and help". Excuse me?? Who the hell do you think y'all are? My folks are 16 hours away and my mom just had hip replacement surgery and can't travel, my big sister and little sister just had babies, one last June and the other in Sept, and they both work two jobs and my baby sisters lives with her boyfriend and his parents and she works two jobs and is enrolling in school this year and all three of them are 9 hours away, so come on. What everyone else has to put their lives on hold for Charlie and the Navy but the Navy can't cut Charlie a break and let him be home with his sick wife so that she isn't left alone with their 8 years old daughter for 5 1/2 weeks with my condiition? Ever since we moved here, and he has gotten on this boat, I've has lost all faith and standing with the Navy. I have given everything for the effin Navy and still they want more even after I've pushed myself past my breaking point to a effin stroke? Are you freaking kiddin me?? when he leaves i will have to go right back to the stress filled life that comes with being married to the military and that's not condusive to my healing and taking care of myself. i don't know what the hell I am going to do. I feel like leaving this solely on Trinity, I'm just not comfortable with this. I mean i understand that kids younger than her have called 911 and saved their parents live but that was like outta the blue. i don't want to have to perpare her for the fact that something is going to happen to mommy ya know. She's eight. I want her to be worried about her Littlest Pet Shop ans Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place and, God help me, Justin Bieber, lmao. I don't want her looking at me and being worried about me. i think that is just too much of a grown up worry for her. I don't know. I need some input here. Am I being extra about this???


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Don't worry about it and making worst case scenario than it possible is. If you are worried maybe you can go & stay with your parents while he is on duty with Trinity. kids are more resilient than we give them credit for. & if all fails just give your worries to God & let him take care of you.






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