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Things Looking Up



Haven't been around in awhile, I know. Thinks have been so.... interesting. Charlie got to stay behind. And then my brother came home for leave from over seas and had a family 911 and had to stay for emergency custody of his girls so he moved in with us for awhile. I think that I've found a pace with my recovery. I'm still a little scare. Not as much as everyone else though. I have a agenda so that i can keep up with my coumadin doses and all my doctor appointments and I've printed out all the things that I should stray away from eating and put them on the fridge. I'm back to doing light house work. Not dishes thought, I hate dishes. I try to make it to the gym every now and then and to physical theapy when I can. Now this is where the whole "not as scared as everyone else is" thing comes in. My physical therapist won't come near my neck, lol. I think that it is funny cause I told her that I was cleared my my neurologist for massages just not manipulation but no, lol. I also am having a little trouble on the Charlie front. I was waiting in the waitng room at the hospital to get my blood taken to check my thyroid when i felt like i was having another stroke so I freaked out and ran out and someone followed me out and took me to the ER and on the way there I was so worried that that was what what was happening that I had a panic attack. Charlie has me on bed rest now. Bad thing is that I'm starting to get used to it in here. Good thing is that I am finding my stride after this. Some speed bumps along the way. Awhile I couldn't get my PT/INR up where I needed it so, ya know, stress and then the thing with Charlie and then now with the nose bleeds that go on all day and don't stop and the fatigue and weakness but I'm slowly but surely finding it. It's the silver lining and boy oh boy, is it SHINEY!!!! (Tom! Lol)


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welcome back, we were worried about you, I am glad everything is going on great & charlie is able to stay behind with you & you found your silver lining after all.just remember sun always comes out.



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jUST REMIND Charlie nhe is only a petty officer you are the CAPT. you two will be fine talk and most of all listen that is from an old NAVY man There is not a thing that can not be over come Charlie knows that from his training you just have to look , listen and trust in each other GOD BLESS you both and you family and rember there is a new family forBOth of you here Kenpash.gif

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Good to hear things are going well. As for nose bleeds, I once in awhile get one and don't know why, but it's a doozy. I haft:ranting: to go to the ER.

Keep that positive outlook silver lining.


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I get the nose bleeds too. According to Dr. Mike, they are stress related.


Capilaries lay very close to the surface in the nose and sinus cavities. Even a slight raise in blood pressure can cause them to bleed.


Since we are pretty much all on blood thinners and medications to prevent our platelets from sticking together and forming clots, the nose bleeds can go on all day.


If they are very bad, filling more than 1 tissue in a short period of time, you should see your doctor or go to the er.


Otherwise, I have found that if I dip a Q-tip into ice water and put that in the area of the bleeding, touching the walls of my nose, it helps to get it to stop.

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