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Feelin Lowsy



uhm.gifUgh. So I just had one of them days. I wasn't feeling good today and then on top of that I had my CT so I couldn't eat after 10:30. After that I just wanted some peace and quiet and i just feel so bad because I keep pushing Trinity away. I feel like the eight hours that she is at school isn't enough time away from her and it makes me feel like a horrible mother. I just want peace a quiet all the time anymore. I feel so lowsy. What's wrong with me? I don't want to make her feel like I don't love her or like her or want her around. It's the last thing that I want to do, but of late, I can only take so much of her before I have to get away from her and it honestly makes me feel like a steaming pile of crud. Not feeling these mood swings. Emotional whiplash is a bitch. uhm.gif


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Jillian: Trinity will be your key to recovery. She is your touchstone. You must constantly reinforce that Mommy suffered a stroke, Trinity did not cause it and Trinity is not the reason Mommy needs extra time out and rest.


Charlie can not fix this for you. It is between you and Trinity. She must know Mommy loves her and values her and her support. That Mommy puts her first and sometimes she may have to wait, but Mommy will be there for her.


This takes time and recovery. You will get through it. Best, Debbie

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you better talk to your doctor about your moodswing & get some help there, Trinity is not cause of your discomfort, stroke is, & you survived stroke for your daughter, so don't push her away in your emotional distress, she is still child & needs her mom.



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I agree with Debbie and Asha. You have to reinforce to your daughter that it's not her its that horrible stroke that mommy had. You love her. Children these days don't hear from their parents that they are loved.

Mood swings you need help, I had them also and got help and feel great now. Get help quick don't pass go, go to your doctor if you don't have a neurologist. And if you don't you need to see you doctor for a referral. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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