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So, I wandered my way into the break room for a sandwich this afternoon. Nothing particularly interesting about that. I do it every week day around 11:30 or so. I had to bite my tongue to keep quiet as I passed one table of co-workers, however.


Yep, still walking with a cane. Still having balance problems. This can make life interesting when retrieving items from a vending machine. Sometimes it takes 2 hands, which means I have to lean the cane against the machine, get my selected item, juggle everything into my right hand/arm, and tak hold of the cane, before carefully turning myself around to walk to a table or back out of the break room. I tend to eat lunch at my desk so......


As I was manuvering my sandwich into my right hand, I heard one of the females sitting near me ask a friend of her's "oh my god, I know she told everyone she had a stroke, but when she going to stop milking it? Get over it already!" I SO wanted to say something back, but kept my composure and managed to walk out of the break room without confrontation. Good on me!whoosh.gif


I ranted on the message boards about people who have no point of reference when it comes to strokes or stroke survivors. I don't need to rehash it here. I am trying not to let it *beep* me off when people say ignorant things like that. Getting angry or upset will only make my day more difficult. I don't need that.


A stroke isn't a cold. It won't "go away" after a while. The effects of a stroke are life long, as I am learning, and can be mild to catastrophic. I thank God my effects are pretty mild. I'm pretty functional and pretty independant and only 2 months post.


No, I have decided to try to educate people, instead of getting upset at them. So, I ordered myself a stroke survivor t-shirt and I plan to wear it every Friday at the office. Friday is jeans/t-shirts day at work. Hopefully, after reading the back of the t-shirt a few times, it will make people search the web for information, or better yet, visit us and read some of our stories/blogs/posts/educational materials/etc. That seems like a better use of my energy than getting upset.


I know the t-shirt is being shipped priority mail. I hope it gets here before Friday so I can wear it this week. If not, next week will do just as well.


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You go girl you are doing and being so great don't lower yourself to the lunchroom gossip girl crap :blah_blah: . Educate them with posters and anything that you can find on strokes maybe it will come in handy for one of them someday

As for using the maachine can you take a plactic bag and hold it in your effected hand and get your stuff out with you good hand that is what one of my co worker does might help

Just stay strong :You-Rock:

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good for you ignoring such ignorance.Clap-Hands.gif it may be wrong but i take solace in what goes around comes around- karma. i'm very thankful you have an understanding boss .i use a cane that has a rubber tripod on the bottom; it makes it easier to have the cane stand by itself.write here whenever it gets to you. we will always give you support because we know how difficult and different strokes can be. i'm happy you have been able to return to work but saddened by some of your co-workers.pash.gifblessings lynn

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