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I needed that



So, Dr. Mike and I talked about weight conditioning to regain some tone in my right arm and leg, at my visit yesterday. I'm really trying to do what I need to in order to help my recovery. Luckily, there is a fitness center in my office with a multi-station machine. Even better is that I have a "fitness buddy" at the office. Antron and I are friends, and we have been for about a year. We sit next to each other and are both "support," so our schedules are pretty fluid. We also cheer eachother up when we need it.


I told Antron about the dr. visit yesterday afternoon and he told me he'd go to the fitness center with me, because no body likes to go alone. So, we made a "date" to go work out today at 12:30. It pushed to 1, then it got pushed to 2, then 2:30. Just office stuff. So, we just finished our work -out. He helped me set the weights on the machines to their lightest (and didn't laugh at me because of it biggrin.gif ). I worked on my right arm and leg, letting that side do most of the work. My arm and leg are now tired and burning a little, but not badly. I can work on my balance next time - Monday. That will be good. gym.gif


Sam and I are supposed to take a walk tonight, but I'll have to see how I feel when I get home. My schedule will be fitness center Monday, Wednesday and Friday, walks Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, once I get everything scheduled. Right now, it's a little wonky.


Sunday will definitely be for "doing nothing."


I'm feeling better about the whole situation. I have a plan of attack. I may not make every day, Monday through Saturday at first, and I may be super tired after the fact, when I do, but I have a plan of attack and I need that. I am a goal oriented person. One of the things that has been making me crazy and depressed is not having a goal. Now I do.laughbounce.gif


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hey lydia:


keep a routine like that. in the begining when I was depressed, didn't have any routine & it used to make me more depressed & like you I made my fitness & therapy as my job. I realized having routine, now I look forward to my laundry day on wednesday since that day no exercise, so it is lazy day. but it helped me big time. I m so happy for you. having goal in life makes something to look forward to in life. who would think I will look forward to my gym day on mondays in my new life, but I do. you are on right track.



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:forgive_me?: Well Done :laughbounce: Bravo :Clap-Hands: You've done it! Started taking control of your own fitness :You-Rock: .


I can see this being the next stage of your recovery.


I rant about how Ray won't do exercise, simply does not see it as part of making his life ( and mione) better. I have fought hom for eleven years on it and still he would rather sit and read. :Rant-Off:





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