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I don't know why this still bothers me so much....



One of my co-workers doesn't like me, on principle. She even gave my daughter a hard time when she started working here, just because she is my daughter, but that is a story for another time. Now she is taking aim at me again.


I've been "loaned out" to the workforce dept. for a while, to help them get things caught up. I'm working attendance exceptions for them. It isn't rocket science. But that affects this one co-worker's agents' attendance. So she is writing nastygrams to my boss and everyone she can think of, telling them that I need more training because I don't know what I am doing. The fact of the matter is, I"m doing EXACTLY what I was trained to do. She just didn't read the latest emails about policy changes, so she THINKS I've made a mistake. I haven't, and that was proven by a member of the workforce team this morning when he went over what I did for last week. This one co-worker is just being a queen B with an itch. Thay is, after all, her typical personality. I could tell stories, but that too is a post for another time.


So, because this 1 co-worker is yelling and screaming, instead of simply saying "I was wrong, I'm sorry," the head of the workforce dept., now, doesn'st trust that I can perform what is, basically, a simple task. So she and my boss have now decided "I need to be monitored." Everything I do is being sceond guessed and my accuracy is being constantly called into question. the next 2.5 months can't go by quick enough for me.


I'm wondering if the p[ressure is being added on, to make me unable to do my job, and force me into a layoff situation. They won't get me to quit before I am ready. If I leave here before August, it will be as elidgeble for unemployment benifits. You can count on that. And, because of the stroke, Medicade will pick me up so that I can continue to see my doctors. So, they can complain about my quality, or the lack thereof, for as long as they want to. They can go to HR and complain every day from now until the day they decide that they can no longer afford to keep me on. I won't quit. They don't get that satisfaction.


But the fact that I even question if this is what is being done, bothers me. I've given 13+ years of devoted service to this scompany. I deserve to be treated better. Just because I am not able, right now, to perform at the "miles above what is expected," for the first time in 13 years, does not mean I am suddenly being lazy. It means I had a traumatic brain injury - called a stroke, and that takes a long time to heal. It just upsets me that there are people in my office so insensitive and self-absorbed, as to be so nasty. But for the grace of God go they. Did they ever stop to think about that?


And the co-worker who started all of this has a husband who is a STROKE SURVIVOR, for Pete's sake! She, of all people, should understand. But no, she is just as I described her, a bitter, resentful, self-absorber b with an itch! Her personality is almost enough to make me think very un-Christian thoughts and wish very un-Christian things to her. But I won't give her that satisfaction either!


I keep telling myself that "what you put out in the universe, you get back." One of these days, all of this negative energy she has pointed toward so many people will come back and she will have to deal with it. "Sooner or later, everybody's bill comes due." I don't think she has any idea how big her bill is!


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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time at work. I'm with you, also a Christian and we both know God doesn't like ugly. We all have lessons to learn; apparently she didn't learn much from her husband's stroke and that's a shame. You would think a caregiver would be mor understanding. All I can say is keep at it with your positive attitude. Pray on it and let God do the rest I bet she'll be surprised when her bill comes due. And with you I could't wsh anything as awful as a stroke on anybody but vengence is not ours and He doesn't forget who's got what coming. Just stay positive as you already are; I can hear your positive tone throughout what you wrote and that lets mre know you'll be ok Its only after having my stroke did I finally understand the phrase" there but for the grace of God go I.. Now I know I've survived by the grace of God. that same grace is what enables me to still feel so happy even though I have more difficulties than I ever ha bfore. That same grace is blessing you; I can tell by your pleasant tone. Even in this situatin where an unyhappy bitter person is trying to make you suffer... you're covered by God's grace in that you canspeak humorouly about her and the situation and stay positive which I know is not always so easy. hang in mayGod continue to bless and keep you :o)

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Lydia: there's one in every crowd, isn't there?


I want you to consider this and talk to Sam. I have blogged with some very angry, bitter caregivers. Now, mind you, they have many more years into this than I do and time just wore them out. Some are fortunate that they do not have to work, but they also have basically no life either. Everything they do or want to do is stroke-related. Even something as pleasurable and simple as a hairdresser's appointment requires a paid caregiver in or taking their survivor with them. Like Bruce, their survivors are total care-no walking, or limited; BR issues, help with transfers, their schedules based on what the caregiver can fit in that day.


I have a funny feeling she feels you have taken her haven away. Work was her one place for her, no stroke. Even if she did not like you pre-stroke, being a caregiver herself has made it worse.


You have the right attitude and I know you can hang in there for a few more months. Do not let anyone take away what you have so dutifully earned. Bite your tongue, take whatever is handed to you. Keep in mind, honey, this was not done because of you. It was done because management has a loud-mouthed you-know-what who is threatening them. More than likely they fear some sort of legal action from her if she does not get her way.

Do your time and your best, as always. Get to the comfort of home, take a nap with the Monster to get your rest-stress is very tiring, even to healthy people! Nice walk, and help with dinner. You will get through this, this I know! Prayers and thoughts with you, Debbie

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I am sorry you are going through this difficult period, I guess being caregiver also adds jealousy that how come this survivor recovered so well while hers is still under her care. Just let it slide for next 2.5 months & don't take her behaviour personally, when she acts like queen B with Itch just remember everyone is fighting some kind of battle in their life, so forgive & forget her. When something bothers you just ask yourself will this thing you are sweating over will it matter in year time that will help you keep the perspective on the problem at hand.





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This too will pass. I know it is a bitter pill to swallow.....but companies do not value the effort of many years of dedication. the instant you do not produce that 110% then you are suspect. But, you are doing well.


You only have a short time to continue. you can make it. You have great plans for the future...your next profession.


I am only too excited for you. the dog trainer!!! It will be wonderful. You are aiming for the goal of life after this job. That is great!



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