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  1. Happy Anniversary kanderson!

  2. Happy Anniversary kanderson!

  3. kanderson

    debbie i am so sorry to hear about your cousin. a young age as my husband was when passed. i hop you n gary have a great time over the holidays, that is always a stressful time in itself. keep us updated on all of your activities, i know bruce is enjoying all of it. kimmie
  4. kanderson

    sarah, what a wonderful time you have planned. i to hope it all goes well for you both. ca is a wonderful place to vacation in. gary is so lucky that he has a wonderful caregiver like you that gets him out and goes places. do be safe in your travels and yes please, take some pictures for us to enjoy.
  5. Happy Anniversary kanderson!

  6. kanderson

    hi lenny, you looked great and sexy back then LOL your friend kimmie
  7. kanderson

    hi brijay14and welcome to the site. thank you for sharing your story with us. my name is kimmie, i am the membership administrator for the site. if you ever have a problem with anything on site, please just let me know. and i can help you. yes we have young members too. stroke does'nt care about age . babies can have them too. you are a very strong and determined woman, which helps in your recovery my story is i had my stroke at 48 years young a rt sided ischemic stroke. affecting my left side i have been working for 12 years in my recovery i have never given up hope that 1 day my arm/hand will regain some function, i have read that survivors can get some function back even 20 years after their stroke. i got my leg to work not very long after my stroke, i walk with a brace and cane. because of my drop foot. its great you were able reach your goals. keep updating us you can, we have a young stroke survivor chat every Wednesday night at 8-9PM EST. you might enjoy meeting other people like you. i hope to see you more around the site.be safe and well. kimmie
  8. kanderson

    hi rose. i agree with ron. it''s a big celebration for you, meaning more to come in your recovery keep up whatever you are doing. to get more function back in that hand" arms, and fingers. we all like hearing members tell us good recovery updates, i wish you much more recovery in your journey kimmie
  9. kanderson

    tina, i am so sorry for the loss of your mom. it''s so hard when when we lose a parent. mom's are special. she is at peace, and probably the whole family can be at peace. she will watch over her family and her sickness is gone now she will alway"s remain in your heart "forever. kimmie
  10. kanderson

    hi everyone fred called me surgery went well and asked me to update his blog to let you all know that recovery \will take alittle ;longer. his stitches are still in. he cannot walk very far or climb stairs. the knee is still very painful he will be back blogging as soon as he can.. kimmie {
  11. kanderson

    HI BILL, congrats on your recent engagement.. thats good news, i am sorry for having to put bud down.,that is bad bews.. bud was a loyal Friend and companion for you, its so sad when they have to leave us, nothing can replace them. i hope your sadness leaves you quickly. there will be happier says ahead. kimmie
  12. kanderson

    fred, be brave. LOL I know you will sail right through this. my sister is having knee replacement surgery next month. I guess aging affects your knee's more than I thought. I will say some prayers for you. good luck be prepared for a lot of therapy and getting out of bed the day after the surgery. keep us updated as you can. kimmie
  13. kanderson

    hi rose, I'm so sorry about your fall, but thankful you are ok!! isn't stroke recovery exciting? LOL interesting question cipeko asked, I too had my stroke in my bathroom, or at least on the the way there. the br is where I finally collapsed. I have you in my thoughts and prayers, that no further incidents set you back in your recovery. lord knows, none of us need that, we are trying to go forward and heal, not backward and decline. please stay safe and be well. kimmie
  14. kanderson

    she is adorable lin. you both are blessed to have found each other. I love the green eyed cats too. I'm sure you both will have many happy years together. sounds like she is responding to you very well. sounds like you solved the windows issue really well, yes I too hate not being able to problem solve as quickly either. but you did it anyway without having to pay for tech service. windows has glitches a lot of the times on updates. reward yourself with something, you deserve it!!! when I had to move from az, I had a hairdresser that I had been with for over 25 years. I hated leaving her, i, now in tx have not found a hairdresser i like that isn't very expensive. regis is real big here, but I'm not paying over 50.00 for services. shopping around for a bank, hairdresser, and dr is overwhelming for me. I've found 2 out of 3, but not overly happy with either 1 so far, back to shopping i guess. i wish you and jade many warm snuggles when winter comes.
  15. kanderson

    terry, i enjoyed her very much, i love the violin. it works in all genre of music i think.(rap may not sound so good) nowadays it doesn't matter though. i agree with sue Celtic woman are a group i really enjoy listening to. irish music is some of they best. thankyou for sharing the link, so i could check her out. kimmie
  16. kanderson

    cindy, i am so sorry for your recent family tragedy. you have had to deal with so much in a short amount of time please do make time for yourself as the others have told you. i'm sure mike will understand. so take a break. i have you and your family in my prayers. kimmie
  17. kanderson

    jamie, i want to add my blessings that you are getting better day by day. keep up whatever you are doing, it must be working, just be cautious and follow dr's orders. you will get to where you want to be. someday soon. hang in there. kimmie
  18. kanderson

    debbie, i too am very sorry for your loss. kira is free of pain and sickness now its always so hard for us to put our pets down. but they do depend on us to help them when they need it. you have cared for her well. its always hard to say goodbye. i have you and bruce in my thoughts and heart, as you work through this tragedy
  19. kanderson

    hi terry. i'm really happy you weren't hurt in all that mess. its great that insurance will cover it all. i know you and your family like to travel alot. but lets do it without all of the action, next time LOL i'm sure you would rather have fun on the trip than fighting fire.
  20. kanderson

    sue, i understand alot of what you are feeling. my hubby died also , not to many years ago, we had been married for 40 years. i too missed him and still do, remembering places we would go and things we did together. we also had a neighborhood Italian restaurant, we ate at alot and they knew us too, their food was to die for. they sold the business and moved to utah. we were devastated, but they did whatever they had to do. i heard they had opened another restaurant there. i'm glad you had a great time with the family. new memories being made. our hubbys will always remain in our hearts.
  21. kanderson

    jamie, i think you handled it quite well. people wanting to help is a good thing at times. to much help in the wrong way scares me and could make me fall. so if they don't know what i need and how to do it, i kindly tell them no but thank you anyway. they don't seem to realize that we have to move at our pace, carefully and slowly. you did nothing wrong and i'm sure she's not upset with you either for what you said. people think since we are handicapped, we must need help!! having a hold of your clothing is not going to keep you from falling and that is definitely not a safe way to help either. she is going to hurt someone that way i know you can take care of yourself. just stay away from her, please!! stay safe and well.
  22. kanderson

    oh lin, i am so very sorry for your loss. pets are family too. i'm sure you are thankful you were able to be with her and comfort her before she passed. she knew comfort in your arms and home. she was surely at peace when she died, knowing how much she was loved and cared for. since animals can't talk, they have so many other ways to tell us something is wrong and you did know what to do. its so very sad to lose a beloved pet. i swear every time i lose one, i will not get another, but i do and sometimes i over-do it. i now have 3 cats and 3 dogs. all rescues she is no longer in pain. she will always remain in your head and heart. i also wanted to tell you, she looks exactly like my 2 brother cats with the beautiful green eyes. i kid you not.
  23. kanderson

    great news david. swallowing is a big deficit post stroke that so many survivors have to deal with, luckily i did not have a problem. hopefully speech therapy can really help you at this point. good luck and god bless. take good care of yourself and be well.
  24. kanderson

    i am in fort worth, tarrant county
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    sunday evening newbie chat with host-dennis 7-8pm, est in the newbie room