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  1. Happy Birthday cinder!

  2. Happy Anniversary cinder!

  3. Happy Birthday cinder!

  4. Happy Anniversary cinder!

  5. Happy Anniversary cinder!

  6. Happy Birthday cinder!

  7. cinder

    Hi Asha, I also like the dog analogy. I wasn't blessed with parenthood, but I can appreciate the pressure you must feel. I wanted to say that I can see, by your posts, that your child has no worries about being supported and led in the right direction. You're a great Mother. Cinder
  8. cinder

    Hi Mary Jo, You don't know me, but I wanted to say that your post was beautiful. The discription of your travels made me feel like I was there too. Thank you for that. I'll be thinking of you as your journey continues, Cinder
  9. cinder - I was pleasd you came back to update us but I see you have deleted your blog now. I hope your life continues to be a blessing to others. (((hugs))) from Sue.

  10. cinder

    Hi Mary Jo, I don't think I know you, or you me, but I wanted to add something here. I wanted to tell you, that being responsible for the wellbeing of someone you love, fighting for all of their needs and always putting them first and all...leaves your own wellbeing and happiness at risk. It's a given as a caregiver that we do this day after day. Your own feelings become vulnerable, because you get used to not thinking of yourself, your rights. You have the right to accept no blame for what Bill's family think or do. You're doing your job and more. You have the right for happiness that doesn't involve him, like laughing with your own family. You have the right to be treated with the dignity and respect that you try to ensure that Bill has. You have rights too... I did no reading on you before this, so I don't even know anything about you, or Bill. But I do know about being hurt and having that hurt turn into something else. You're a strong person Mary Jo, no one has the ability or the right to take that away from you. I'm proud that you didn't let them.
  11. cinder

    Aspen, So you did the big move huh?!! Wow, am I behind or what? I have to go back in your blogs to see if it's Colorado you're in... As far as your blog goes, thank you for writing it, it means I don't have to now. Just because people always seem to know what to say, doesn't mean that they feel any different about themselves than you do. They're just better at pretending that they aren't afraid of looking or sounding like a goober. PS. You aren't self-absorbed. Far from of actually. Always a nice word and compassionate advice for anyone in need. Your name says it all... Pudding
  12. cinder


    My Dad, the strongest survivor I
  13. cinder


    Dad's ulcer is showing great improvement! It's still there, and he still has some pain, but I am breathing a sigh of relief that it looks like we will be able to continue treatment here at home, and bypass a hospital stay (and ensuing nightmare) all together. There has been a fight with sight infection, but it responds well to a topical antibiotic. Keep your fingers crossed. I am maintaining a Dermawound treatment (plenty of gauze) and re-positioning every 2 hours (in case anyone wants to know how we did it). I also increased his feeding, as nutrition goes hand in hand with healthy skin. Dad seems more peaceful these days. He's not showing agitation and anxiety, which has been the norm for a couple of months now. I fear that the those feelings were from the pain of the ulcer, which had not yet made it's presence known, and Dad didn't know how to put what he felt into words. He just knew something was wrong. I wish I had. I am decorating Dad's room this weekend for Christmas, which will be much better than the decorations that followed him floor to floor in the hospital and facilities last year. It's just a great gift for me today, to have my Dad here. I didn't think at this time last year, that it would happen. You go Dad!!
  14. cinder


    Since the last time I posted, Dad has made an ER trip (pulled feeding tube) and now has an ulcer. The ulcer is close to the spot of the original, and the one that followed a few months later. I know everyone knows that I do all I can to stop this from occurring, but I feel guilty about it anyway. I guess it goes with the territory. That being said, I
  15. cinder


    It was a rough day, following a rough night. Dad started vomiting very early this morning. His sugar spiked slightly, and come daytime, he also vomited up his pills. This alone was scary, but when I saw that he had very little urinary output, I
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