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  1. I so love your writing style strokewife, you have knack of taking readers to phase you are writing about. Fortunately for me my stroke has become part of our story & we both have grown & learn lot about each other through going through this stroke valley together. I feel our happy time did not teach as much as ourlean period taught us. I realized together with his support I can climb all mountains together. Asha
  2. Steve : when I first came to this site forums & chatroom was beyond me, too much information & too many people talking at the same time used to confuse the hell out of me, but I found reading & writing blogs therapeutic for my soul. with regular bloggers I got to see their life throw window of their blogs, and for me writing blogs about positives in my life, helped me focus on things which are still great in my life, and made me one grateful person. I feel positivity attracts positivity in your life. No wonder I m official blog junkie (some of the old members had given me that title lol). I hope people take advantages of those valuable resources this site offeres. Asha
  3. Limmie : It seems like this discovery can help Alzheimer patients where protein buildup in brain veins causes dementia, I don't think treatment of this can help us stroke survivors. Asha
  4. my 75 year old mom finally became US citizen after living in this country for more than 15 years. We all have become US citizens long time back, mom did not since she can understand English but can't speak. So was kept on procrastinating, finally we were able to convince her that she can give exam with interpreter and give it a try. so finally she agreed & gave exam, my mom is very smart & hardworking woman all her life, gave exam & passed with flying colors. all three of us siblings went with mom for her interview & oath ceremony. I vaguely remember mine. I felt this ceremony was more poignant & beautiful, agent talked about how US as melting pot & each immigrant who decided to come in this foreign country after leaving all that they knew in their home country behind & made US as their home. As an immigrant they brought their culture, food & some of that rubbed on people living here before them & some of the American's culture rubbed on these immigrants, so its one big melting pot, there was president Trump's welcoming speech & then pledge of allegiance & our national anthem. This was most beautiful ceremony & I felt so happy & proud to be in this new motherland which has given us all love & allowed us to make home away from home. I had to thank INS officer for wonderful service they did of-course it choked me up, though it made her very happy too.
  5. hi Alan : welcome to wonderful & therapeutic world of blogging. It will be interesting to get to know you better through your blogs. could you please start from the beginning & tell little bit about yourself. I am official blog junkie. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved. I never thought I would find joy in living again.but thanks to great support of friends & family & this site. I found my joy back. & today after 13+ years on this post stroke journey I can view my stroke just s speed bump in our life which made me slow down & enjoy scenery along the way. oh in the beginning lot of us bloggers did 100 things about me blog.I found blogging & hatting with other survivor very therapeutic for my soul. we do have chats everyday in the afternoon 3-4 EST & M,W,F in the evening 8-9 EST. oh I just saw you updated us with your whole story. welcome to best online stroke support group. I am sorry you had need to find & join us, but out of traumatic event there is growth which comes too, & that makes life very meaningful. Asha
  6. hi lin : welcome to our wonderful therapeutic world of blogging, where I have found even reading makes it so therapeutic, you don't feel alone in this post stroke life's journey Asha
  7. wow what a week

    I guess I should never say life is usual, nothing exciting or bad. I guess when you got active child in college things do happen, but of-course being older he thinks he has to handle everything himself & making us obsolete. yes as a parent you want your kids to be self reliant & making their own decisions. but I feel scared of letting him go. recently at college while playing basketball he dislocated his dominant hand's thumb it turns out to be ligament tear, right now he is in cast & doctor will decide in a week whether he needs surgery to fix it or not. problem is he is handling all by himself going to ER & then to orthopedic surgeon, & letting us know what did doctor suggests & so on. of-course as a parent I feel very scare of him handling all this alone, but got no choice then just to watch from sidelines how his life is going to turn out. Though going to ER does make him empathetic person & let him see what he needs to do to become better doctor. I was worried how he is going to handle all his tests & so on in college, but he is handling it pretty nicely, at-least in his latest exam they allowed him to take it on computer & allowed him extra 30 minutes which helped him take his tests nicely, so that part I m relieved. oh recently he gave medical entrance exam & scored very high in it. though he was upset saying he could have done better, so would like to give one more time. again lot of things I don't understand since he is handling by himself so I just pray for him & us lol. On my super soul sunday I do marvel at my life with eyes of gratitude about how my life turned out to be even with so much loss in our life. First & foremost I m so grateful to be married to such a responsible guy, who makes sure to take his responsibility very seriously & never utters word of frustration even when sometimes things don't go as planned. slowly & steadily he keeps doing right things & things chiseled out to be better than before. he never gave up on me or our relationship which I feel has made me better person & our relationship much stronger & lovelier than before. anyway other than that life is still great lot to be thankful for, fall is here already love the crisp cold air in the morning when I am about to go out for my walk
  8. Sue : I am so happy you will be able to resume driving back now & able to go back to resume some of activities you were doing before with more sense of purpose & will be able to connect with people on deeper level. I m glad you got your daughter & family there to spend actual time with you. being online friend I sometime feel inadequate to connect with people I care about online. Asha
  9. Kelli well said. no one has control over their birth or death, I view my stroke at age 34 as an accident which changed how /i look & function in this world, actually it made me slow down & enjoy scenery along the way. but I am still me, & not going to worry about how long I will live. life is just different post stroke not good or bad just different Asha
  10. looks good matches with your shirt & color of your skin Asha
  11. Hi Alan : welcome to best online stroke support group. I am glad your stroke wasn't major & you are already recovering well, keep on doing those exercises, anything moves start using it, more you use it in functional way easier it will get, real recovery starts happening when you come home & realize how much you have lost & how much you can still do. try to be as independent as possible & help out in household chores, more things you do for yourself & contribute in family dynamics, better you will feel about your life. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from job I loved. I never thought I would find joy in living again, but after being on this post stroke journey for 13 plus years I find my stroke as just speed bump in our life's journey slowed me down to enjoy scenery along the way. Though I found blogging & chatting on this site very therapeutic for my soul. we do meet here in our chatroom every day 3-4 EST & evening M,W & F 8-9EST. This site has amazing resoures more you use it you will feel better hope to see you there soon. Asha
  12. Ron : this is such a great information thanks for sharing. maybe you should also post it in disability aids forums, this should help lot of people who are struggling with same issues with their survivors. Asha
  13. I haven't blogged for a while so just have need to blog, nothing exciting or miserable to report, life goes on, though I do feel like time is flying by, & week & weekend just flies by. must be good thing. oh I finally got my first evaluation PT after getting my brace. It was interesting turn out to be young Indian therapist though from name & looks I could not decipher that information. I hope to improve my gait & balance with this therapy which I am getting after 13 years on this post stroke journey, so it will be lesson learning to get rid of bad habits I have picked up over the years. Other than that life goes on, do get AHA moments every Sunday while watching super soul Sunday, which makes me wonder was this books & teachers weren't available in my pre-stroke life, then how come I never got attracted to them earlier, why did I have to go through such a bad experience of life to learn these beautiful things about life which does make my life today richer & better. I had read somewhere, in life when drastic change happens be sure to look out for something beautiful to emerge out of it. while having major discussion about it with hubby, he does not believe in that sentiments, he says dead man can't defend that theory. in forest fire lot of young, vibrant & green also burns out, so believing something good will come out of this tragedy is hard pill to swallow. But I believe it, since I have seen in my own life, my life today is more fulfilling in all areas of my life than before, and I feel lucky & grateful to be still here with my lovely family.
  14. Janielle : praying for good results for you. please update us when you get your results back. Asha
  15. Kevin : even though it feels like crisis right now, trust me things will improve, & she will get better improve, try to get her as much as therapy possible, & encourage her to be as independent as possible, by giving her emotional & moral support. stroke affects the whole family & puts every one out of their comfort zone. Its difficult on caregiver too in the beginning, since you have to hold fort at all ends. lot of relationships either break or get stronger when adversity strikes. but trust me things will get easier as time goes on. when your girlfriend comes home encourage her to join us here in chatroom or start blogging here. Its quit therapeutic for your soul. you should also join us in our chatroom. we do have chats every day M-F 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST. I reember my family by my side 24X7 & all that helped me big time. Asha hope to see you soon.