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  1. Sunday is my favorite day. It is my own spiritual awakening day with super soul Sunday. I love waking up late on Sunday morning & start my day with nice cup of coffee first with political shows & then enjoy my super soul sunday on oprah's OWN channel to cleanse myself of all dirtiness of politics lol. As you all know I take whatever I like from all religions & believe all paths lead to one Supreme God. I am not religious person though I am spiritual person. According to our Hindu scripture our Karma creates our destiny, that was very hard pill to swallow for me after my stroke thinking why me & feel ing very helpless that it was in my destiny to go through this hardship in life. I found comfort in Christian beliefs that Suffering in life wakes you up & makes you the person you were meant to be. While going through Suffering asking What this trouble is trying to teach me in life. How you are going to react to this situation made me feel much better and most of it in control of my life when I was feeling so out of control & helpless. How would you react to your situation was most powerful tool for me to snap out of my why me thinking. Asha
  2. Bessy: I can understand your questions I had some of them. Every stroke is so different & so is recovery. I know how bad I felt when they sent me home, I was afraid of how will I be able to live home alone, but with support from family I was able to create my new normal & started enjoying my life again. I feel when you reach acceptance in life, its quite serene place to be in. Though I understand living with constant pain is no joke, and you are one strong personality to be able to handle all this in your life. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers to find relief soon & accetable solution to your new normal life. Asha
  3. Kelli so happy for you you found great doctor who can fix your bouncing eyes troubles will keep you in my prayers asha
  4. Tracy : stroke or no stroke being assertive is a skill which I also lack, the only way to get things done at my home is being aggressive instead of passively aggressive like my hubby is. I usually relent & go with his ideas, but if I have to get my way its usually me getting angry about it & he will back off. I still need to learn how to make people do what I want, without being testy about it, I guess need to learn that management skill. Asha
  5. strokewife: I will sound like broken record, but I will still say it, I love your blogs & you write wonderfully. your hat comparison is spot on. I strongly feel having supportive caregiver like you by our side, survivors journey does become smooth & we can all have wonderful new normal together & can find that happiness again. Asha
  6. Tracy : I will pray with you, I bet with your guidance she will soar in the outside world. I know it feels like we are pushing our kids off the cliff when we are allowing them to fly away from home & soar in outside world. Asha
  7. Sue : I met wonderful people here on strokenetwork which brought more meaning & wisdom in life than real friends. So even though I have not met many here, but I value their life experiences & friendship much more. Asha
  8. Some days I feel so blessed & now that I have come so far out from my stroke event. I can see God's master stroke in my life. Today I feel even stroke was at perfect time in my life, it was at the time when I was forgetting my values & moving away from my designated path. With God's master stroke I woke up from my sleepwalking through life & started enjoying ordinary moments of life which brings in lasting & deep happiness. Its still so hard to believe even after so much of mess I m still so lucky in getting this beautiful second shot at life. I am so happy I preserve & didn't give up to see this ray of sunshine. love my family & friends who chose to come in my life even after disaster, instead of disappearing like lot of others. So today life is great & best is yet to come Asha
  9. Sue : I enjoy reading your blogs. you should think about writing book on your caregivers experiences, they will be priceless for any one who is starting out on their caregiver journey. Asha
  10. Pam : therapy is all depended on what insurance benefits covers & demands your care accordingly. you are thrown off in outside world to live on your own whether you can or not. It adds lot of stress on family members, but real recovery of new normal begins when you come home, that's for sure, even when you feel so scared to come home. Asha
  11. Steve : In blogs when I want to comment to any blog font size is too small, is there anywhere that I can change fontsize for whole board in setting someplace Asha
  12. Kelli you shoul keep jug filled in your room & mke sure you drink atleast 8 glasses of water every day whether u r thirsty or not Asha
  13. Tracy : this is so beautiful, nicely written. thats how I feel once you look at life as a blessings, post atroke life also becomes beautiful & fun. love it. Asha
  14. Tracy : I know its hard for us moms to let our children fly off from nest, but I guess as a parent our job is to nudge them right direction, & be there for them if they need any help or falters without any judgement. Asha
  15. kelli: feeling scared of unknowns is scary for every one, But you are fighter, survivor & you can get through this. I know its hard sometimes to love oneself the way we are, & believing we are enough. you are great person & anybody who chose to be friend or by your side, is one lucky person. believe that, because that's the truth. good luck with your surgery on tuesday will be thinking & praying for you. Asha