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  1. Kelli : I am glad you are finding your alternatives online, I know elisabeth hasselhoff was educating every one on view about her gluton problem disease, how finally she herself diagnosed & was managing with her food had wrote book on it too. Asha
  2. I am by nature fun loving person like to be always laughing cracking jokes on myself or hubby. hubby can find good in any dire situation where as I can not, but having him by my side, I know we can get through anything in the world. any how some days I feel so grateful to be still here & love my life, some days feels like blah. I guess that is how life is for every one. In summer hubby usually play volleyball with his friends in park while I walk in their beautiful walking trail of park. ran into some woman who told me oh great keep on pushing & if you exercise your hand then maybe that will start working too, I get very offended when people assume & make that kind of comments, though after talking with her I found out she was brain surgery survivor too though for her everything started working thanks to her therapy was her claim. though knowing she was survivor that made me less angry though I educated her about how every brain injury is different than others, & you can not compare your recovery to mine to make any judgments on it.
  3. Pam : you are amazing mom, caregiving is not easy. So many marriages break apart & I bet it is much more harder for kids who are just learning ropes of life & their own life. you all made great decision I know its not easy on you but still doing right thing for their children is sweet mom Asha
  4. wow so creative & beautiful Asha
  5. this cat do have 9 life

    Yesterday We had major head on collision car accident. airbags from all sides popped up luckily we just got whiplash injury &back & neck pain. It was surprising we came out of unscathed from that accident, & still here to count our blessings. This was my new Subaru car with all safety feature which saved us from getting seriously hurt. looking at my all past accidents, stroke, it feels like I am cat with nine lives & feel invincible :D. I have gotten hit by 18 wheelers & did not even get whiplash back then, then got hit by car while walking on walkway & still here. in between there was stroke & still here & thriving. So I got feeling my job here on earth is still not done. positive thing out of all this, that our teenager son called me & was so worried about me, telling me mom don't do this I need you made my day. I told him not to worry I still need to dance at his wedding & play with our grandkids. So I am still here & you all are stuck with me too Asha
  6. Terry : welcome to hidden jewel of strokenetwork, our blogging world where if you come here often, you will never feel alone or different. Keeping busy in activities you enjoy is good thing. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. hope to see you around often. Asha
  7. Tracy : you are doing great, focusing on positive things you can still do does make you feel better. life is all about adapting to new changes brought in our life. you must be o proud of your daughter that she is doing so well on her ow. take the bow & credit for raisng her well. Asha
  8. Hi Asha waiting for stroke chat to open checked the calendar see its blank. 



    1. achandra


      Mad :


      we usually have chats every day in the afternoon 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST Monday,wednesday & friday




    2. Madade


      Thanks I'll try this evening.  Without that calendar it is a trick to remember times and type of chats they're hosting.  Joined a stroke support group last week.  Its good but tiring right now. Only going for Wednesdays.  Its a half hour drive also.  Again thanks.


    3. achandra


      Mad :


      will see you there tonight in stroke survivor chat room. If you have laptop at home then you can login from home & chat away





  9. Flash : welcome to best online stroke support group. I know when bad things happen to us, it does not feel real or right. how can it be me when I was doing everything right. *beep* happens nothing we can do about how we react to it & make our new post stroke life fulfilling & pleasant for us & every one around us is the big project. In 2004 I stroked at age 34 which retired me from the job I loved. I never though t I would find joy in living again. but today after 12 plus years on this post stroke journey I find stroke as just speed bump in our life, which allowed me to slow down & enjoy scenery along the way. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. hope to see you around often. Asha
  10. Kelli : So sorry for your loss. condolences to you & his family. May his soul resi in peace and have fun with princess leia Asha
  11. Sunday is my favorite day. It is my own spiritual awakening day with super soul Sunday. I love waking up late on Sunday morning & start my day with nice cup of coffee first with political shows & then enjoy my super soul sunday on oprah's OWN channel to cleanse myself of all dirtiness of politics lol. As you all know I take whatever I like from all religions & believe all paths lead to one Supreme God. I am not religious person though I am spiritual person. According to our Hindu scripture our Karma creates our destiny, that was very hard pill to swallow for me after my stroke thinking why me & feel ing very helpless that it was in my destiny to go through this hardship in life. I found comfort in Christian beliefs that Suffering in life wakes you up & makes you the person you were meant to be. While going through Suffering asking What this trouble is trying to teach me in life. How you are going to react to this situation made me feel much better and most of it in control of my life when I was feeling so out of control & helpless. How would you react to your situation was most powerful tool for me to snap out of my why me thinking. Asha
  12. Bessy: I can understand your questions I had some of them. Every stroke is so different & so is recovery. I know how bad I felt when they sent me home, I was afraid of how will I be able to live home alone, but with support from family I was able to create my new normal & started enjoying my life again. I feel when you reach acceptance in life, its quite serene place to be in. Though I understand living with constant pain is no joke, and you are one strong personality to be able to handle all this in your life. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers to find relief soon & accetable solution to your new normal life. Asha
  13. Kelli so happy for you you found great doctor who can fix your bouncing eyes troubles will keep you in my prayers asha
  14. Tracy : stroke or no stroke being assertive is a skill which I also lack, the only way to get things done at my home is being aggressive instead of passively aggressive like my hubby is. I usually relent & go with his ideas, but if I have to get my way its usually me getting angry about it & he will back off. I still need to learn how to make people do what I want, without being testy about it, I guess need to learn that management skill. Asha
  15. strokewife: I will sound like broken record, but I will still say it, I love your blogs & you write wonderfully. your hat comparison is spot on. I strongly feel having supportive caregiver like you by our side, survivors journey does become smooth & we can all have wonderful new normal together & can find that happiness again. Asha