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  1. time is flying by

    Nothing new to report here, time just fly by. I blink & weekend is gone & so does the week. recently after my fall on stairs I was having pain in my good leg knee, went to doctor to get it checked & according to him, he did not see any fracture or any other major trouble so his suggestion was take OTC pain relievers like aleve or anti-inflammation pills. pain is no fun, though it has power to push you to dark place fast if you don't keep eye on your thoughts. So I am keeping eye on my thoughts. Sunday is usually reserved for watching my super soul sunday show on oprah's OWN channel which does great job of mood equalizer and puts me on right direction. yesterday she was talking to author Iyanla vanzat about her new book trust. listening to author about her life experiences which were rock bottom & still finding courage to climb up from that muck was quite inspiring. We all are total sum of our experiences in life & our decisions & choices we make during our life's journey. I realize having great set of parents & family did give me head start in my life, parents who made sure to give us best education & always looking out for us, things we take for granted. Asha
  2. Sue : you are loved and sorely missed when not around board. Its so easy to forget life can only be lived in now, life happens when we are making other plans. Enjoy your kids & grandkids they grow up way too fast hugs, Asha
  3. thoughts in my head

    as most of you who follow my blogs will know this about me that I love reading books & get very energized by spiritual thoughts or books or movies that make me think & go AHA there that's what I feel & now feel wow its all now falling into place. Today heard Hoda kotb on Today's show mentioning that just talent in itself does not make you successful, Its also other trait that you don't give up & still show up day after day even when things get tougher, that makes person successful & that line clicked with me that was my AHA moment of the day. its sticking out with something you feel is worthwhile is underline good quality of the successful people. now next to another interesting topic recently watched movie POST after hearing great reviews about it & gotten recommendation from blogger I admire, was in my list to do this last weekend, & boy we were not disappointed . Near the end of the movie they quoted Justice Hugo Black’s argument for ruling in favor of the two newspaper’s right to publish the then-classified Pentagon Papers and against Nixon’s attempt to control the press and I was able to google his words. They’re important words, words that matter today every bit as much as they did in 1971 when the court ruled 6 to 3. He wrote, “In the First Amendment the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. my life today is so much richer & interesting because of these two different subjects. I am loving the new me. I feel making me aware of all good, bad traits about me is giving me opportunity to grow into person I am proud of. like I know I still need to develop trait of being assertive without feeling bitchy about it, the trait The Washington Post's Katharine Graham (Streep) developed over the course of her stepping into role of first female publisher of the post after her husband's death. Asha
  4. Deigh: I am not active in forums though I am very active in blogs where I seem to follow story of survivor where post can get lost when new one comes up & its too confusing for my brain so I stick with blogs. I lam conflicted in giving barring users from using the site if they haven't used it for while. Asha
  5. Sandy : Bob looks so happy with his hat collection his niece knows her uncle well. Kelli gave good solution for highlighting text problem, maybe some of the button might have gotten accidentally pressed, play with them to see how to turn off Asha
  6. Hey Chris : you got amazing attitude towards your stroke, I remember at 34 when I suffered stroke I thought life is not fair at all & wallowed in self pity for few months, till I found this support group. I depended so heavily on my family, friends & this site to get to serene place of acceptance where life is all good now. What I found being young & suffering stroke had its own benefits since I was able to build my new normal & happy with life again. I feel my post traumatic stress event did convert in post traumatic growth & life is beautiful again. not again I will ever take simple joys of life for granted again. we do have M-F afternoon chats from 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST on M,W & F. hope to bump into there, since I am more active there & in our blog world Asha
  7. hi Chris : welcome to best online stroke support group. I agree with overcoming this adversity we have indeed gained lot of wisdom what hasn't killed us did make us stronger & better. hope to see you around often in our chatroom & blog world. Asha
  8. Today while watching morning show they were discussing how in Europe when people are asked about what you do, they answer it by telling their hobbies & not what job they do. I know for me biggest trouble after my stroke was my decision to go on disability & early retirement from my work life. It was huge mental anguish & adjustment to accept who I had become after my stroke. I never knew how much importance I had paid to my self worth based on what I did pre-stroke & made money pre-stroke. It took solid toll on my emotional psyche. So It was very interesting to me when they said in Europe people say their hobbies & not job they do. I was very sensitive to that particular issue, so very watchful about not getting so wrapped in roles I play in my life like mom, wife,sister, daughter. need to get my self worth because I am child of God & not any roles I play in life. Asha
  9. Russ : welcome to best online stroke support group. feeling anxious after stroke is very normal, but taking out on others is not. have you talked to your doctor about anti anxiety meds. I stroked at age 34 which retired me from the job I loved. I tried going to work for few months before decided to go on disability, since I saw how people's behavior towards me & my work had changed & I realized quickly that in high tech field there is no job security, minute you don't perform to your previous level, you could be laid off & then I will end up in very bad shape. It was one of the toughest decision of my life to go on LTD, looking hindsight it turned out to be best decision for our family. I got to raise our only child & enjoy every minute with him(good, bad or ugly but I got to enjoy it). I found blogging & chatting with other survivirs very therapeutic for my soul. We do have scheduled chats every day here in the afternoon 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 on MW & F. hope to bump into those. Asha
  10. I am so tired & need vacation to recover from our vacation. after we came home from our vacation we had guests from India & canada, so I did not get breather to recover from our vacation & my fall right after our vacation was also no help. luckily it was nothing major & just bruised ego & scared me for few days. hubby was also sick so no help anywhere. I think now that guests r gone I will be able to recover this weekend & get into my old routine back. I get all rattled when my routine is upset, though I end up going with flow & enjoy the day, but still feel something amiss in my day. Currently I am reading great book. I don't know how but I have always found for me I have found right people, books, friends in my life when I needed them most. & some with lot of efforts on my part, some fell in my lap on its own like this book, which has made me firm believer there r no accidents in life. any how life has its own ups & downs some days r good, some not so but eh who cares I am happy person as long as I get up & have my morning coffee with amazing breakfast, life is good in my mind lol. book I m reading right now is following one. Asha' SuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully Sep 13, 2016 by Jane McGonigal
  11. Sue : some one once told me on this site "worry is down payment on debt we may never owe", I love that line why worry & waste beautiful day given to us today. I know it is easy said than done. serenity prayers also helps me when I m scared "God grant me the serenity to accept things I can not change & courage to change things I can & wisdom to know the difference". I know waiting for results are always scary uncertainty is tough one. but remember God never gives us more than we can handle & he will provide right tools & right people in your life to get through whatever happens in our life. sending you positive vibes for positive results. hugs, Asha
  12. Pam : good to see your positive blog, happy new year to you. don't worry about tests you can not control about. worry is down payment on debt you might never even owe. so just go with flow & stay in present moment & count all the blessings of life. when you live in act of gratitude that's what you attract more. Asha
  13. kelli: you have great fighting spirit, and I am glad you are finding good solutions for your eye & its covered by medicare. will pray for happy, healthy & prosperous new year for you. Asha
  14. merry chistmas & happy new year, thanks for update congratulations on your mother in law getting getting green card, my mom became citizen of this country after greencard holder for 20+ plus years. enjoy your road trip with your family. hope to hear all fun road trip stories soon. Asha
  15. Merry Chirstmas to you & MIke & Happy New year. Asha