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  1. Tracy : I will echo same sentiments others told you. I know when we are in midst of hardship it feels like your life ended, & you will never find your joy in living again but trust me when I say this, sometimes we go through severe hardship so that something very beautiful can happen in our life. so believe in best is yet to come. & very important to do 1. have a routine in life (waking up at set time,doing chores, sleeping on set time 2. very important do 30 mins of exercise every day. 3. try to learn something new, there are lot of online courses free on sites like coursera, EDX & so on 4. staying active in support group is also very therapeutic. 5. always count your blessings in the morning or evening. I am sure few years down the road you are going to look back & see God's master stroke in your today's hardship Asha
  2. Pam : I understand what Jay is trying to say & your point too. though from my own personal experience when I write positive things I find in my day, I feel better too. yes but its your personal blog, you can write whatever you want to write in it. whatever makes you feel good. for me reading & writing blogs both are therapeutic for me, reading others struggles I find my own inner strength to fight on. & writing about my positives makes me feel good about my life, but that's my coping mechanism every one has their own style & I understand that. Asha
  3. Fred : yes I see your comment & remember you very well, hope you are praying for our son too Asha
  4. One of the very basic teaching of Hindu religion & explained in religious text of bhagwad gita is so hard. It says do your karma whatever that maybe based on what you are doing, but then don't get attached to results. hardest thing to achieve. our son recently gave important interview of his life. I really really want it to go in his favor. I understand at spiritual level that I should not get attached to his results, but I pray for positive outcome for him & all of us. hope you all too pray for our son too. :) I know I know I still have lot to learn in this life. Thanks, Asha
  5. such a blah day

    some days I feel dumbest person on the earth, can't think anything straight at all. on those days I want to just sit & cry for my dumbness. any how if I have to focus on things I still can not do list is long sometimes don't see things right infront of me ok I should scan the area & then I do notice it, but if I need to list things wrong with me list is long 1. don't have any peripheral vision yes luckily its lower quadrant but feel like dummy when I miss things which is right there on the left side of my screen. 2. no use of left hand means can't do anything which person does it with two hands. yes I have adapted well in world living with two hands. I am slowest typer, ofcourse with one hand I can accomplish almost everything with some or lot of frustration based on the day. 3. walk with weird ugly limp, yes though grateful to be able to walk 4. yes I enjoy my post stroke life but I do miss my dancing gracefully. 5. help in kitchen to do dishes ok that's it whining about my troubles are not making me feel any better so I will quit Asha
  6. Pam : I am glad treatment worked for you, that's what matters painfree days. I feel sometimes it's ok to ignore rude behavior of others, by just giving them pass that they must be having bad day themselves so taking out on others forgive & forget that way we can have peace of mind. Asha
  7. Tracy i find cooking very therapeutic for my soul I get pleasure of feeding my family at reasonable cost and keeps me busy in worthwhile cause though I like to cook same dishes again so that I m familiar and faster in it though when following any recipe it makes life easy to keep ingredients ready so that u r not running around looking for them and burning meal asha
  8. Kelli: such a beautiful blog, I know I from time t time attach my self worth to my smartness my sense of humor, but we all have significant value without any job title or our smartness. cause minute you allow your self worth measured by what othrs say or think about you, you gave away key to your happiness. I love Sue's idea of visualization Asha
  9. Pam : hope surgery went well you will be in my prayers for quick recovery, let us know how u r doing as quickly as possible. Asha
  10. As I am growing older life comes up with its own challenges every day, yes you do get blissful, happy moments in between, but it does feel like you are battling fires at so many places. I do have great kido & husband, but still out of nowhere kido comes up with this excellent business idea & he thinks that will make him successful & richer than mark zukerburg(facebook prodigy). he thinks why study so much & work so hard for his medical degree while he has this golden opportunity in his hand to make it big, not realizing there r so many people who have failed in their new business venture, he does not understand even when trying to get things done from others, you should be able to understand fully & able to do yourself. anyway I know God is incharge & he will take care of all us. just wanted to vent. I just pray he makes right choices & do right things. we both believe there are no short cuts in life to make big money. you have to work hard in all field you chose to work in. Asha
  11. OMG such a fun memorial day weekend

    as all of you know I enjoy company & love to crack jokes, I thrive when I am surrounded by friends. this past weekend hubby's college friend's son was getting married in NJ, so lot of hubby's other college friends were coming from all around world to wedding, we hosted lot of his friends at our home for wedding. & we had so much fun. I had made lot of food preparation in advance & kept it ready so that we could spend time together talking instead of cooking & cleaning. luckily all enjoyed my cooking boosted my confidence in myself. for the wedding his college group prepared one dance item & we practiced for two days & performed on day of music party. I have never seen hubby dancing so well got lot of cheering & encouragement when we all danced on the floor. wedding was planned & executed so well & we all had so much fun, it brings so much joy even now thinking about all witty remarks & jokes we were playing on each other. In the beginning when this was all in planning phase I was not certain about my ability to handle & take care of so many guests at our home. but hubby felt we should be able to pull it off with help of his other college woman friends. & I did. by end of it they were calling me teacher cause I was always telling them what to do next & how to next. It was great spending quality time with all of them after hearing about all of them from hubby all the time. l would have never thought or even imagined that life will b this blissful after stroke. first & foremost thankful to my husband & kido for putting up with my antics, without both of them life would have been so dull. every time when our kido comes & hugs me without any reason I feel so grateful to be still here & enjoying life with all this abundance Asha
  12. Donna : so good to read your blog, you are on right path. now is the time to rediscover yourself & in the process you will find something good which will bring lot of happiness in your life back again. change is always hard but sometimes that is in our best interest. you wait & see & will tell us one day that this turned out to be master stroke of your life. best is yet to come. good to have great supporting family. Asha
  13. As you all are aware I enjoy spiritual reading & agree with bhagwad geeta, buddha, jesus philosophy. give myself pep-talk every time I feel like giving up on anything in life. my biggest one is, "choices I make today will create my destiny." & my choices every day is dependent on what brings me satisfaction. & doing things right for my family does make me feel happy. If I get immediate thanks or appreciation it makes me feel good right away. but I have learn that some jobs like raising your child right seeing them successful & happy won't happen overnight. I will see results later in my life. so doing right things today for my family matters today. like I keep on telling our son if you want anything in life give your all as if, if there is no alternative. once done your job right then don't be attached to results. whatever is the outcome accept it realizing god has made better plans for your life. I believe in this wholeheartedly. seen in my own life with my stroke & how my life has unfolded after it. Everything that has happened in my life including stroke is for my own growth. life has become so meaningful & great again.
  14. Sue : I am always so happy to read your blog, it feels like getting letter from your friend. Through your journey as a caregiver I learn lot about my husband's thoughts, & always tried to give my best in whatever I do. I learn valuable life lessons from your blog. Thanks, Asha
  15. Kelli : Since every brain injury is different & so must be depression & other mental illness. For me in my midst of depression in the beginning I needed reason to get out of bed & do things. & for me my family my son is most important person in the world. I refused to allow my depression or stroke to mess up our son's life & future. in my mind he deserved better parent. in my mind God has left us parents in-charge of our children & we have to do our best as parent. want to give our son all opportunities in the world so that he can have better life than us, like our parents did it for us. I am reading this great book "power of habit" by richard duhigg. read it it will open your eyes. Sometimes you just have to get up , get dressed & show up for your life energy or no energy. your family deserve that. Asha