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  1. Tracy : don't let small things bothher you, its all small stuff, in big scheme of things having bird poop on car & car getting dirty does it matter, as long as car drives well thats what matters. Don't feel badly about it, be grateful for whatever help they are doing based on their circumstances. If someone is helping we can't expect more, just have to be thankful that we still have people in our life who cares about us. Asha
  2. Tracy: I am glad you had informative enlightening seminar. all these statistics & cures doesn't mean much to me, I used to get upset initially they could have done something to reverse damage of the a stroke, now this is my life & I need to learn how to play cards dealt to me with maximum joy so that people sharing journey with me not regret having me around is my motto. everybody is different & we all deal life differently. Asha
  3. Pam : Its so hard to find one doctor who will take in-charge of a patient & make sure all meds r prescribed correctly & not causing other side effects. I hate doctors here, every doctor will prescribe medicines to treat what is ailing patient according to their speciality with no regards to side effects or bad interaction with other meds can cause. you some time feel like lab rat. Though you will find one good doctor out of 100s you have been seeing. persistence & patience is a key in all these matters. I pray for good solution for you soon. I know its so hard t walk on when I have that tingling sensation in my feet. Asha
  4. Tracy : your yard looks looks so beautiful with that red mulch. yard work is hard work I can't do so that is assigned job of hubby, I try to do what I can do inside home. beingnobody: I remember how I felt right after my stroke for first 9 months, I did not see reason to get out of bed if I am not supposed to go to work, & do things at home, since hubby hired full time help at our home to take care of our young child, & that added more to my depression I felt I got replaced by paid nanny, my recovery started once I started driving only local, & found this support group & got rid of help & started taking care of things at home, which included preparing lunchbox for our son so getting up early & once I started having routine in my life, my whole outlook on life changed, so I realized happiness is a choice. & I choose happiness over all negative thoughts. Asha
  5. I have read about it, that doing gratitude journal & being nice to others are easy happy feelings booster. I will do my gratitude journal whenever I remember from time to time, but never knew even thank you letter can bring out such a great happy feelings. In my post stroke journey I have encountered ton of doctors most were very nice to us some had better bedside manners than others, but my cardiologist who sealed hole in my heart was way kinder to me & will always have special place in our heart. We are all very thankful to him, & today after 14 years when our son starts writing his medical college application essay & he still remembers cardiologist who did innovative surgery on his mom with minimum downtime. It reminded us of great doctor with amazing bedside manners & who had kissed me on my cheek during our consultation visit with my husband after listening to ordeal we had gone through & now came to him for alternative surgery instead of open heart surgery to fix that hole in my heart. Anyhow sending him that thank you note made me feel so good, hope it brightens his day too. I can see power of being kind & nice to others is biggest mood booster. such simple tricks to do in life to be happy person. Asha
  6. Welcome back steve, glad all went well. Its great to have great family support works wonder. Asha
  7. So true Kelli, & beingnobody. I was just sharing how I felt during my my own dark journey from stroke recovery.I know I had entertained those dark thoughts, so was sharing just my own journey which maybe completely different from every one. We all humans are very different & handle all our experiences our own unique way with our own life experiences. I was sharing my thoughts on it, since I knew how I felt about it in my despair, but having young family at home, I realized my family deserves better mom & wife(though that after thought came after that dark cloud lifted with help of antidepressant pills). like I have mentioned before I depended heavily on strength of my family members till I found my own inner strength back to fight on even with help of happy pills(some of my coworkers used to joke & call them those). I just feel sad for person who goes to that extreme for him & his inner circle of friends & family. Nothing lasts forever good times or bad times & time heals all wounds Asha
  8. Steve : I understand the feelings, but I am so glad you persisted & created this wonderful platform, which practically saved many, I know this for sure for me. It did save me. I was so close to giving up had it I not found this site & my family's loving support. Suicide felt easy option out than to live life of disabled, but I could not imagine putting our young son to having to deal with loosing his mom at such a young age. so I persisted, & Today after 14 years on this post stroke journey my life is so much different still its spiritually very satisfying, I am enjoying my this second shot at life with new appreciation. & even thankful to stroke, it woke me up from sleepwalking through life & start enjoing this small normal things we all take it for granted. Asha
  9. Steve : you will be in my prayers, please update us as soon as your surgery is over & you are home. You are surrounded by lot of love, prayers & goodwill. So you will be fine Asha
  10. hi there : would like to know your first name, I believe biggest part of stroke recovery in physical & mental is to start doing small steps in this stroke marathon. 1st step to start having routine in life, it does not matter getting up for your tv show & having breakfast while having it, wake up on certain time & go to bed on certain time, add our afternoon chat also on your calendar. 2. make sure to do 30 mins of exercise, be it is walking, cycling anything you can do. it will add up making you feel good about life in general. 3. try to learn something new 4. join support group, I have found blogging here & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. We do have scheduled chats here every day afternoon from 3-4EST & evening 8-9EST M,W & F. On Fridays our chats are usually in coffeeshop 5. for me reading spiritual books opens up my world for example I loved when bad things happens to good people , heros journey by joseph campbell. here's wikipedia link which explains bit about whats heros journey. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero's_journey hope to see you around often. I have seen in my own life finding this site was my biggest blessing in life, it made me feel less alone in my post stroke journey. I always found my inner strength from reading others blogs & their heroic journey back. Asha
  11. I am so shaken by apparent suicide of Kate Spade rich & famous designer. It just makes me so sad, mental illness does not have any boundary. knowing what I myself gone through severe depression & feeling of hopelessness. I Just want to pray for her soul to rest in peace, but would like to tell every one who is going through difficult phase in their life, is to just keep your head above water & breathe & never ever project your future based on your current situations. things change in life, nothing lasts forever good time or bad time. I feel Suicide is most selfish act one can do, you leave your family to struggle with troubles for rest of their life. I feel your children, family deserve better. That's how I feel about suicide very cowardly & selfish act. Asha
  12. Goe : welcome to best online stroke support group. give yourself & your doctor time, he will soon find right medication for you, & you will realize there is life after stroke too, it will be just different not good or bad just different. Stroke recovery is marathon not a sprint. Asha
  13. Heros journey

    I love Oprah's super soul Sunday series & love authors she talks to on her show, it opens up my world & I get so many AHAs & feel great about my own journey. This week she was talking to Eat,Pray & love Author Elizabeth Gilbert, who was sharing her life experiences & strength she got from reading Heros journey by Joseph Campbell. In a nutshell all of us are called to do something out of our comfort zone & when we face our fears & accept the challenges given to us, that's when hero is born. & in that challenge lot of time we all get fear whether we will be able to do it or not based on our our fears & we either accept challenge or ignore it, but when we accept challenge that's when hero is born, since this journey is never easy, its filled with lot of fear, people not helping & lot of other drama, but when we rise to occasion something beautiful comes out of this experience. Our challenges & sufferings are our biggest teachers, if we , instead of resisting, go with flow & learn lesson it is trying to teach us, something very beautiful & powerful comes out of that suffering. whole hour while watching show I was going YES SO TRUE. I remember asking God to show me some sign that I am on right path when I had decided to go on disability, & my attention was drawn to logo of college I was attending which was upside down of company I was leaving behind. & I remember feeling at peace with my decision, & today looking it back I feel it was one of the best decisions of our life. today I am actually thankful to all my experiences in my life it has taught me some great lessons & I am thankful for all those lessons. Just today while enjoying our Sunday brunch at home while watching birds on our feeder & feeling so happy & was telling hubby missed all these relaxing morning when we were young, since you are always thinking of what things need to be done instead of enjoying your present "now". My stroke experience taught me to be in present moment. Asha
  14. hey Pam : I was listening to oprah's super soul sunday today where Elizabeth Gilbert was talking about Heros journey, It is journey where we are so scared of future & everything, still rise up to challenge & make best out of the day that is given to us. like Gilbert & Oprah was saying don't waste pain in our suffering, It is trying to teach us some valuable lessons of life which makes us wiser & stronger. If we don't learn valuable lessons from our suffering it's all gone to waste. Asha
  15. Jay : to be able to laugh on ourselves is great tool for happy life & home. Asha