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  1. HI Heather : welcome to best online stroke support community. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved. I thought I would never find joy in living again, but thanks to my family, friends & this site I persisted & did not give up & found my joy again. Today after 13 plus years on this post stroke journey I view my stroke as just speed bump in our life's journey, it slowed me down enjoy scenery along the way. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. We do have scheduled afternoon & evening chats where we all meet. you an check out chat schedules on our board. Hope to bump into there soon. Asha (now 46 year old survivor)
  2. Sue : I am so glad you have these great set of friends to be able to spend time with & dance around. I can imagine joy of your friend. Alice is going to remember you so well & through u she will know her grandpa. can't belive your first grandchild will be 18 now. time flies take good care of yourself Asha
  3. Pam : we missed you around here, I know life is tough sometimes but I am firm believer of focusing on what is still great in my life & that has helped me deal with all of my earlier issues in life. try to stay in present without worrying about future. serenity prayers have done wonders for me. you will be in my prayers for painless tests & good results. Asha
  4. hey Jay : how can I forget strokenetwork & amazing friends like you I made due to stroke Thanks for being here Asha
  5. my gratitude list

    I know we should do this every day, but I have decided to do at least on thanksgiving day things I am grateful for 1. I am grateful to be still alive & with my loving family who are always by my side on my good, bad & worst days, that makes my life journey so much joyous & meaningful. 2. I am grateful that I can still walk, talk & enjoy life to fullest. 3. I am grateful that my sense of humor is still intact so that I am able to laugh through my difficulties & still able to have loads of fun. 4. I am grateful for family & friends who chose to stay or come in our life & some who decided to walk away, taught me some great lessons in life. 5. I am grateful for all experiences in my life, they have made my life so much richer & meaningful due to it. 6. grateful for my stroke too, it taught me some beautiful lessons in life which otherwise I would have missed it 7. grateful for all of our abundance in life, which I had never even imagined in my life. God has been very kind to us & I am thankful for all of it. 8. I am grateful for my loving husband & our loving & mature son without them this life would have been meaningless, joyless & boring. 9 grateful for my mom, brother, sisters,my in laws all of them make my life so much colorful & joyous. 10. I am grateful for this second chance. Asha
  6. hi Ed : welcome to best online stroke support group first few years are hardest, specially first year emotionally & physically. but it does get easier we are all living proof there is life after stroke & its not good or bad its just different still very satisfying. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I love, I thought would never find joy in living again, but I did.. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors quite therapeutic for my soul we do have scheduled chats every day afternoon 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST on M,W& F hope to see you around hope to see you around Asha
  7. Susan : is there any friend who can give you ride to your son's home for thanksgiving party. Maybe you can go alone & bring home left over for your husband from party since he has to work on that day. at least you get to enjoy family get together. Asha
  8. Nancy : This is so ridiculous. I worry for residents who don't have any visitors or family members looking out for them. I know when my mom was in nursing home for her therapy after her knee surgery, there is no one to come out & clean her room or bathroom. Mom used to tell us & we end up doing the job , since nursing home staff is always busy doing something else. Anyway keep being pain in behind for them so that they do their job. Asha
  9. Tracy : I am sorry your disability claim is taking such a long time, but it is genuine disabilty so don't worry whenever they approve you will get everything & won't loose anything. Another thing maybe your daughter is going through her job anxiety of thinking she might not be good enough for job or don't know anything at work. I have two piece of motherly advice for both of you. first one applies to both of you recite serenity prayer "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change. Courage to change the things I can & Wisdom to know the difference". Second one for your daughter they have hired her there so she belongs there. & If she feels she does not know something then ask questions to coworkers, someone will help out. whenever we step out of our comfort zone we grow mentally spiritually every way. praying for positive outcome for both of you. Asha
  10. recently someone sent message on what's app about race & how some people get ahead in life aka race thanks to other conditions in their life which does not mean they were smarter than others or anything. Sometime you do feel cocky & feel oh its all you & not realize how you were blessed to have set of parents who made right choices in life for you & raised you well which allowed you to get so many opportunities along the way, so can't puff your chest & think oh its all me & not realizing how you were placed ahead in life's race by your loving parents who did right thing. I remember growing up & even in my adulthood I blamed my mom for being too strict & always comparing me with other siblings or neighborhood friends to inspire me to work hard & do more yes those techniques did create other side effects for which I blamed my mom. but now that I m mother & mature enough to understand all those tricks & able to forgive my mom in my head & heart. I am actually so thankful for having set of parents we had, mom did most of the heavy lifting in raising us & dad stayed in background providing for us with best of his ability. I have been talking with all my cousins recently, & that thought has been running my head, I can see with our set of parents we did get head start in our life & all us siblings did pretty well in our life. yes all of us have gone through our set of troubles in life but by helping each other out & being there for each other we have done good in life.
  11. hi husband : I am sorry that your wife suffered stroke at such a young age & you all are going through difficult time right now. Stroke affects whole family. but having supportive family & spouse makes huge difference in survivor's mindset. I know it did for me. Being young & survivor also helps, you can rebuild your life again & it will be as satisfying as prestroke days. All strokes are different & so is recovery & when you are in midst of it, it feels as if nothing going to good again, or change again, but trust me things do change. nothing lasts forever good times or bad times. I stroked at age 34 which retired me from the job I loved & left me paralyzed on my left side. I never thought I would find joy in living again. but after 13+ years on this post stroke journey my life is richer & marriage is much more stronger than before. lot of relationship falls apart in difficult situation since giving up & running away is so easy & we can all justify our reasoning. but just thinking what she would have done if roles were reversed. Asha
  12. Steve : you get that special award from all of us, you saved countless lives by creating this online support group. I know at-least for me this site was god sent. Thanks for having foresight to start this support group while dealing your own grief & disability. Asha
  13. Hey Lenny : so good to see you back, happy halloween to you too, life is all about keep on trying new things & never giving it up. always step out of your comfort zone that's where you grow. I am still around lot of positive changes in our life too, recently moved to new home, our son is in third year of college still making us happy & proud. life has its own way of giving some good days, some not, but unless you see night one will never appreciate day light. So enjoy life. hugs, Asha
  14. Bill : welcome to best online stroke support group, I am sorry you had need to find us, but once you found us you will never feel alone in your journey. I stroked at age 34 which retired me from the job I loved & I never thought I would find joy in living again. but I did. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. we do have chats every day in the afternoon from 3-4 EST M-F & evening 8-9PM EST on M,W & F hope to bump into there. Asha(now 46 year old survivor)
  15. so true. like it very much. Asha