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  1. wow Kelli : Its amazing what these doctors can fix, looks so complicated, glad all went well & you are home resting. hope to see you soon grandma lol Asha
  2. Tracy : sending you hugs & prayers, just keep your head above water, nothing lasts forever, this shall pass. Usually things are never under our control, its how we will respond to events, make them dreary or good. I know it is easy to get frustrated over toilet seat never put right back down, I know I yell at my son all the time about it & tell him one day he will have to pull me out of toilet with me being stuck in toilet lol & it won't be pretty sight. but does he listen? no, but does it matter? no. I put toilet seat down & move on. my condolences for you, life & death none of us have any control over it, how we lived each day is only control we have. praying for happy days for you. Asha
  3. Kelli : don't be afraid to try because of failure of trying. mind is beautiful thing, you will never know what you could accomplish because of fear. once you try, you realize you are much more capable of credit you are giving yourself. you are survivor after all. This is yet another boulder to push it to top, and you can do it. I am betting on it. Asha
  4. Sue: I have same issues with my husband, I know he loves me dearly & shows his love through his actions, of-course not all actions shows that, but that applies to me as well none of us are perfect human being, We all can do our best & need to accept each other the way we are instead of trying to change one another. So from time to time my discontent shows up, I just wanted to write it & get some wisdom that this is all normal & get over with it. Thanks for thoughtful comment, it helps me settle down Asha
  5. I do have love hate relationship with my husband, in some things he is angel & I love him for his behavior & in some cases he will act so indifferently that you wonder does he really likes to be with you or not. like I say he is great dad & husband in taking care of his responsibilities, you feel relaxed because you know he will make sure things gets done. but ask him anything I would like to do like go on some fancy vacation or going to restaurant, he will be least interested & you wonder whether he likes to spend time with you or not. but he does not stop me from planning it, but he is least interested in showing any enthusiasm for it. So I feel I m dragging him & that reduces my joy, though after every time we go on vacation together because of my nature of going with flow we end up having lot of fun. So I hate that part of him, anything I want to do his first instinct will be to say no & then he will come around saying yes which reduces my joy. finally after my stroke I have learnt only I can control my happiness & not give any button of my happiness in other people's hands. But I hate that feeling as if you are living unattached single person, cause I would like to feel as family who takes care of each other joys & sorrows. Just writing down my own thoughts & confusion about life, love & family
  6. Kelli : I have similar issues when hubby & me are both in kitchen at the same time, & he tries to do things his way & I have my own way of doing some things. I hate it, but when I let it go & don't get bothered by how things should be & accept the way they are right now, I end up having more fun, & new routine gets build for me. Usually going with flow without resistance always works for me. Asha
  7. Tracy : you & your dad will be in my thoughts & prayers. Hope & pray everything goes well for your dad. keep on being strong for him. Asha
  8. you write quite well, it does provide good window to your life. I feel We all go through period of ups & downs in life. I love online courses too keeps your brain cells quite stimulated. In Yale university they have required course happiness, which has become quite popular with all college freshman kids & professors alike, professor who teaches course was on CNN today. What she says & I believe fully having routine in life is must which brings happiness in life. I know that is true statement for fact. Right after my stroke when I was highly depressed & with no routine in life, I did not see any point of getting out of bed. once I forced myself to have routine it made huge difference in my mental outlook on life. So I feel few things are must do 1. have routine 2. exercise for 30 mins a day 3. try to be self sufficient do whatever you can do so that it is one less thing for your family member to do & you don't feel like burden on any one. Belated happy birthday,life is too short enjoy every day to fullest. Asha
  9. Tracy : you can post all your feelings here, but also keep open mind & ready to ignore people's comments, if some you don't like, rather getting upset about commentspeople post. I don't believe any one have bad intention of hurting any one, they just give feedback based on their life experience, as a blogger you take it or ignore. So Just saying because I know how I operate when giving comments to bloggers here. So If I offended any one in my comments then please forgive me Asha
  10. Sunday is my super soul Day, I get AHAs by dozen & it is fun to see my whole journey getting validated by so many others who have walked on similar path of suffering I had been through when I felt such a huge loss of my dream of how things should be shattering into pieces, but realizing in midst of all that suffering not everything was broken, even though I was all broken open. I am so blessed to be married to such a great guy along with my sister reminding me to notice those positives when I was so much surrounded by all the family & friends 24X7. I couldn't have asked better family than my own. Anyhow back to sermon I got today on my super soul Sunday where Mark Nepo was pointing it out that realizing this in midst of suffering that not everything is broken in your life even when you feel like there is nothing left gives person strength, I know It did help me when I was surrounded by so much love even when I felt like my life was ruined & I didn't have any reason to live. Asha
  11. hey George : Welcome back, wow what a trip, I saw pictures of your trip its so beautiful. We have done Alaska by cruise 10 years ago & it was beautiful, but I don't think we covered all of it. Its amazing you saw wild life from so close. Hope Mum feels better soon. you guys are making some amazing memories Asha
  12. hey Tracy : Pam nailed it. I think sometimes it is good to remember every one is fighting tough battles in their life & give concessions to them because they are our own family. your Dad is going through his own struggle right now so might be at the edge & took out his frustrations on your cat & you. Things wouln't have mattered to you, but our unconscious mind weaves some weird stories based on our own uncertainties & feelings at the time, & we end up making mountain out of molehill. I feel right now is the time to be at your dads side & not add any more stress by fights & arguing about small things. At the end of the day in big scheme of things these are all small things. So don't get stressed by these things acknowledge feelings & move on. Asha
  13. Steve : oh wow I never knew that, I usually read everything in blogs so never knew someone can be offensive or rude in their comments. Sometimes people can tend to interpret written words quite differently based on their state of mind & can make drastic decision, will send her message letting her know some of us who know her for long time do miss her around here Asha
  14. Tracy : that is tough news though I know two family members who are going through lung cancer treatments & giving brave fight & doing amazing recovry both of them had signed up for some research program where chemo treatment is not as harsh & one can still have qualty of life with the treatments, both of them I meet at various functions & seems to be doing great. I will keep your dad in my prayers, Also oinstead of getting all tensed about it, try doing research & you may find some good alternative treatment for him. Asha
  15. Usually every two years I go & meet physiatrist to fill up paper work & see if he has any good idea for us to try. After 14 years of visiting him, he has become friend to us so meeting him is always pleasure & fun, he gives me hard time & reminds me to wear my AFO as I might not get lucky in my future falls, as according to him & hubby I am not getting any younger any more lol. They both know booboo I have accumulted so far So I better wear my AFO. It's always fun arguing with him about my reasons & ofcourse meeting all those young doctors also fun I enjoy teaching them they are affecting life of real people here & they are making huge difference in quality of life of people by doing their job & also seeing our son in them makes me so happy. Recently I had to fill up some government paperwork for getting indian visa & I decided if my brother can do it, I can do it & start the process, man it took me solid few days to finally everything filled up correctly, I feel I deserve vacation after accomplishing that job & feel so smart now. I think my IQ level must have doubled in doing that exercise lol. Anyhow when you accomplish something in life it does make you feel happy. So I am happy camper right now Asha