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  1. achandra

    Sue : you write so beautifully. reading your blogs reminds me that we all will face similar situation or know someone who might be going through that. I feel in the end all we have in this life is just ourselves , so need to become self reliant & independent. I know its hard thing & I just shiver thinking about it. I wish you lived closer since I ache for having meaningful friends I can count on. Asha
  2. achandra

    Pam : I am sending all the prayers & healing thoughts your way. Asha
  3. achandra

    I echo similar sentiments of what michelle just said. I feel differently able,I tried going to my old workplace & realized there is no way I can keep up challenges of my jprivate job, so decided to go on disability, felt like looser for couple of a years, but getting that disability income made me feel less of burden on my family , & it was one of the best decisions I made for our family. I started volunteering at kido's school, library, red cross, hospital to keep myself sane & interacting with people which over the years have evolved & made all relationships more meaningful. wishing you all the best in your journey to new normal. Asha
  4. achandra

    Tracy : beautifully said, I feel I am more spiritual than religious person & I find comfort from all religions. For me my faith in higher power who one can call whatever they feel comfortable with, my faith in higher power gives me hope to hang on when my depression was making all situation look so bleak, I held on tight on my family's strength till I found my own inner strength back. So anyway I am actually thankful to stroke it made me the person I am very proud of today. I feel I have grown up so much & learnt to be better human being after dealing with my own adversity. I feel we all are spiritual being having human experience. Asha
  5. achandra

    Congratulations tracy, now that you won the case, you will get all the money backdated, make sure to save some for rainy days. so it lasts you longer. start making budget for yourself, so you can live within your income. Asha
  6. Hi Tarina : welcome to best online stroke support group, now that you found us you will never feel alone. stroke changes life in an instant, but we all oldies are here to tell you & show you there is life after stroke just different not good or bad just different. being young & stubborn will help you reach your new normal faster & in content. in 2004 I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side, I never thought I would find joy in living again. today after 14 plus years on this post stroke journey I can view my stroke just as speed bump which allowed me to slow down & enjoy scenery along the way. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. we do have scheduled chats every day from 3-4 EST & 8-9 EST on M,W&F Asha
  7. Since hubby's most of the family still back in India, we do go & visit India every two years. traveling with me is bit scary sometimes, we both have to be extra careful of me not stumble anywhere & fall on uneven terrain, which in India there are plenty when we go visit our home cities & our village where construction is always going on on roads. & not railings to hold anywhere except hand of my family member.hubby always had me in his death grip lol. This year I made plan in such a way that we took halt in dubai for 3 days before going to India, against hubby's desire. hubby is never interested in going to any saudi country as an american tourist. he always think world is so big why take chances. So Egypt, Russia, North korea is not going to feature in our travel plans any time soon. We had lot of fun in our travel. In Dubai we did most of our touristy points in our three days. We did desert safari which was riding on sand dunes in SUV. you get motion sickness going up & down on dunes & feeling OMG this vehicle is going to topple now, but thankfully due to skill of driver you come out laughing. We saw most beautiful mosque in abudhabhi where you have to wear burkha while visiting mosque. you realize this oil rich country has so much money to spend on mosque, & their palaces. We had major jetag confusion in dubai but no harm was done it was just funny, we thought it was next day early morning & went for breakfast & it turned out to be still evening, so it was dinner time, only drawback was I ended up taking shower two times & we packed up early lol. We both enjoyed Dubai then on our way to India, met our grandchild (my niece's son) for the first time & hubby's whole family. hubby hs big family he is youngest of 7 brothers & sister, so its always joy meeting every one. Usually there is always one or two new member to meet in his family. This time it turned out to be new family member in my side of the family. & no new member in his side of the family. hubby said jokingly that productivity has gone down in his side of the family this year lol. This year while traveling fortunately I did not fall anywhere like last time, though my sister-in-law & brother-in-law fell, luckily no one got majorly injured & it was just bruise to their ego. We are finally home & in our bed though it still takes time to orient myself which way I have to go for bathroom in the night.
  8. achandra

    Jay meeting you and other very caring souls on this site made my journey back so much easy. Thank you for being you. Your blogs always lifted me up while I was trying to find and love my new normal asha
  9. sue : I am so glad you got such a great set of friends & family you can spend time together. I have realized lately it all in us we can choose to go & have fun anywhere we go or get grumpy because some of the things didn't go right way, happiness is a choice enjoy your family & friends, none of these things have guarantee in life, so got to enjoy every minute of it Asha
  10. achandra

    hi pete & lisa : welcome to best online stroke support group. Kelli nailed it, reread her words of wisdom, we all have walked the path you you two are just beginning to take now. Since we all have walked on it you two just starting, can tell you one thing for sure, there is life after stroke & that too fulfilling, but we have to do our part too, & grab opportunity that come along our way. life after stroke is not good or bad its just different. I have learned few things that has helped me in my post stroke journey which I will share with you. 1. having routine in life helps build positive mindset in life 2. 30 mins of exercise helps 3. chatting & blogging here on site also helps big time, you feel less alone in your journey 4. try to be as independent as you can be, more you do fir yourself better you will feel about life in general. 5. just enjoy life, we all survived for a reason, so have fun & make a difference in people who are still in your life. life is too short to be wasted in unhappiness. Asha
  11. achandra

    kelli: congratulations, I am glad you had grand time at the party. It is amazing, arrival of baby brings so much joy in family. I am so happy for all of you Asha
  12. achandra

    kelli : That's amazing story even though outcome was sad. It's great to see that when time comes you can step up to the plate, that;s beauty of stepping out of comfort zone where we can see growth happen at all levels of ur life. I am so proud of you. Asha
  13. I still have jet-lag of happiness. on Friday celebrated another birthday with my loved ones, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so much love. I got jackpot in set of family & friends who decided to stick by us & come in our life. feel so fortunate to have all of them in our life. like every year hubby took day off my birthday & we visited my favorite temples with our friends & dinner at one of my favorite restaurant. every one who mattered called or left messages for my birthday, party extended till weekend, my sister planned big get together at her home & sister in law made cake from scratch, so big fun party at sisters place. I turned 49 this year, I had never imagined I could be still happy after stroke. & I can be still life of party even with my disability. I am thankful for my sense of humor which is still as sharp as before, so I am still able to laugh on myself & others. I don't care about my dance ability any more, as long as I am having fun that's what matters. & nowadays I don't care what others think of the way I look or dance, I find myself very inspiring with the way I am, so fun life goes on. Asha
  14. achandra

    Tracy : so happy for you, I read somewhere which I know real truth & worked for me, don't look too far in future that increases anxiety, don't look back in past that creates depression, stay in present & enjoy your NOW now. everything will fall into place, just take one step at a time & in positive direction Asha
  15. achandra

    Ruth : I am so happy you are doing all right things to keep yourself busy with all things, that makes transition so easy & his long illness gave you opportunity to say goodbye & prepare you for future. I am sure William is watching over you & happy for you. Asha