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  1. As you all are aware I enjoy spiritual reading & agree with bhagwad geeta, buddha, jesus philosophy. give myself pep-talk every time I feel like giving up on anything in life. my biggest one is, "choices I make today will create my destiny." & my choices every day is dependent on what brings me satisfaction. & doing things right for my family does make me feel happy. If I get immediate thanks or appreciation it makes me feel good right away. but I have learn that some jobs like raising your child right seeing them successful & happy won't happen overnight. I will see results later in my life. so doing right things today for my family matters today. like I keep on telling our son if you want anything in life give your all as if, if there is no alternative. once done your job right then don't be attached to results. whatever is the outcome accept it realizing god has made better plans for your life. I believe in this wholeheartedly. seen in my own life with my stroke & how my life has unfolded after it. Everything that has happened in my life including stroke is for my own growth. life has become so meaningful & great again.
  2. Sue : I am always so happy to read your blog, it feels like getting letter from your friend. Through your journey as a caregiver I learn lot about my husband's thoughts, & always tried to give my best in whatever I do. I learn valuable life lessons from your blog. Thanks, Asha
  3. Kelli : Since every brain injury is different & so must be depression & other mental illness. For me in my midst of depression in the beginning I needed reason to get out of bed & do things. & for me my family my son is most important person in the world. I refused to allow my depression or stroke to mess up our son's life & future. in my mind he deserved better parent. in my mind God has left us parents in-charge of our children & we have to do our best as parent. want to give our son all opportunities in the world so that he can have better life than us, like our parents did it for us. I am reading this great book "power of habit" by richard duhigg. read it it will open your eyes. Sometimes you just have to get up , get dressed & show up for your life energy or no energy. your family deserve that. Asha
  4. Hi Umberto : welcome to best online stroke support group. Sorry you had need to find us, but now that you found us you will never feel alone in this stroke recovery journey again. I stroked at age 34 in 2004 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved & enjoyed. try going part time to your job & slowly increase to full time to see whether you can handle work pressure with your deficits. Not to discourage, every stroke is different & so is recovery. I tried going back to work after my stroke & after giving it try for few months I realized I won't be able to perform to my previous level, & if push comes to shove in private sector I will be first one on the chopping block to be laid off, and then loose all my long term disability benefits too. So decided to go on disability. It was hard transition for first few years to be stay at home mom. I struggled with lot of self esteem & who I am question. I did not realize lot of my self worth was attached to money I made & my job title. Any how it was tough period back then, but with lot of support from family , friends & this site, I found my joy back again. So today after 13 years plus years on this post stroke journey I can find stroke as just speed bump in our life's journey. It just slowed me down to enjoy scenery along the way. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors quite therapeutic for my soul. We do have chat sessions every day M-F from 3-4 EST & evening from 8-9 EST(M,W,F), in survivor room. hope to see you around. BTW since you mentioned kesseler r u from NJ? hope to see you around often Thanks, Asha (now 46 year old)
  5. Its Saturday I am surrounded by my family who I love dearly yes sometime they do drive me nuts my mom, brother, sisters, hubby & kido every one lol. but I love all of them with whole of my heart, & can't imagine my life without single one of them. Anyway today its rainy day. made sure hubby did not put his early morning alarm on weekend & he listened :D. So woke up on reasonable time 7:30am feeling happy & good about life. Today its rainy day which means lot of birds on our feeder & free entertainment for us during our breakfast. of-course it was just two of us since kido is owl & we both have become that old couple early to bed early to rise. just other day talking with my best friend & reminiscing our vacations together. We both were like man never in wildest dreams we had envisioned life will be this great. God has been so kind to us. I feel so blessed to have such amazing partner in life which makes life so easy even with disability. Asha
  6. Hi Bill : welcome to best online stroke support group, I am sorry you had need to find us, but glad you are recovering well. you are strong man, so I am sure going to do well in your stroke recovery journey with or without support from family member. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved in 2004. I never thought I would find joy in living again but with support of friends & family & this site, found my joy again. Recovery never stops. as long as we are keep on trying things keep on improving. I can say that for fact. Asha
  7. not in good mood entry

    ok today is bit of blah day nothing I can do quickly. I am slow in learning, person I carpool with who is my brother not very pleasant always ready to pick fight so while carpooling he will rather listen to his sports radio station then talk. Anyway yesterday I almost lost balance while getting out of car luckily able to grab person near me & did not go down. but I know falling with me is very very easy. my ankle from my car accident finally healed to be able to put weight on without feeling pain. so life goes on. On the pleasant side kido is coming home tomorrow for his summer vacation, though he is adult now & busy with his own things, he will be studying for his medical entrance exam, so we will be not travelling anywhere this summer. Asha
  8. Nancy : you are fighter & survivor. I know it hurts when survivor is so rude to you, but think of frustration level of him that that rude behavior comes out. yes agreed being survivor does not give you pass for rude behavior to any one. Asha
  9. Sue : love your blog, you sound content & happy. I am so happy for you, you are beginning to think like me now. Asha
  10. Pam : I don't think it's intentional. people don't remember others troubles. I bet she is seeing lot of patients in nursing home, /it will be hard to remember each patients medical chart. Asha
  11. Kelli : I am glad you are finding your alternatives online, I know elisabeth hasselhoff was educating every one on view about her gluton problem disease, how finally she herself diagnosed & was managing with her food had wrote book on it too. Asha
  12. I am by nature fun loving person like to be always laughing cracking jokes on myself or hubby. hubby can find good in any dire situation where as I can not, but having him by my side, I know we can get through anything in the world. any how some days I feel so grateful to be still here & love my life, some days feels like blah. I guess that is how life is for every one. In summer hubby usually play volleyball with his friends in park while I walk in their beautiful walking trail of park. ran into some woman who told me oh great keep on pushing & if you exercise your hand then maybe that will start working too, I get very offended when people assume & make that kind of comments, though after talking with her I found out she was brain surgery survivor too though for her everything started working thanks to her therapy was her claim. though knowing she was survivor that made me less angry though I educated her about how every brain injury is different than others, & you can not compare your recovery to mine to make any judgments on it.
  13. Pam : you are amazing mom, caregiving is not easy. So many marriages break apart & I bet it is much more harder for kids who are just learning ropes of life & their own life. you all made great decision I know its not easy on you but still doing right thing for their children is sweet mom Asha
  14. wow so creative & beautiful Asha
  15. this cat do have 9 life

    Yesterday We had major head on collision car accident. airbags from all sides popped up luckily we just got whiplash injury &back & neck pain. It was surprising we came out of unscathed from that accident, & still here to count our blessings. This was my new Subaru car with all safety feature which saved us from getting seriously hurt. looking at my all past accidents, stroke, it feels like I am cat with nine lives & feel invincible :D. I have gotten hit by 18 wheelers & did not even get whiplash back then, then got hit by car while walking on walkway & still here. in between there was stroke & still here & thriving. So I got feeling my job here on earth is still not done. positive thing out of all this, that our teenager son called me & was so worried about me, telling me mom don't do this I need you made my day. I told him not to worry I still need to dance at his wedding & play with our grandkids. So I am still here & you all are stuck with me too Asha