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  1. nancy : sending you hugs & prayers. I have followed you r post stroke journey through your blogs, I know you have tried your best. after all we all are responsible for our own life, our own happiness, and he has chosen that path for himself, so I pray for peaceful loving end for him , and hope you have lot of other good memories of Dan to fall back on. hugs, Asha
  2. hi hilltopshadow : welcome to best online stroke support group. like you I never smoked, drank or had other risk factor, who knew post pregnancy & genital heart defect can cause someone to suffer stroke.Anyway sh*t just happens. I suffered stroke at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved. I thought I will never find joy in living again, but fast forward my life 13 years, & I found my joy again. I feel stroke was just speed bump in our life's journey, it allowed me to slow down & enjoy scenery along the way. If someone had told me this in my earlier days I would not have spent that first year curled up in bed crying my eyes out. but for you we are all here & telling you this trust in God's plan for your life, better is yet to come, enjoy the journey. I found blogging & chatting very therapeutic for my soul. we do have chat here available here, where we meet in the afternoon 3-4EST & 8-9 EST. hope to meet you there some day Asha (now 46 year old survivor)
  3. trust

    just heard oprah discussing new book trust on her super-soul Sunday series. & it does make me think about trust & it is so hard in our difficult times to trust God or someone that something better is going to come out of this ordeal. Sometimes when you venture into complete unknown territory like bird learning to fly for the first time & jump off its nest, trusting in his wings that it will be able to keep him off ground & able to soar & not jump off to its death. does make me think about how I struggled when I decided to go on early retirement & venture into complete new territory, I was so afraid though I remember very distinctly thinking God please show me some sign that this is right decision I am doing for me. & he did by drawing my attention to logo of my college was similar to company I decided to leave behind, that made me realize that I need to just relax & trust power bigger than me & enjoy my journey. I am so thankful for all this valuable lessons in my life where sometimes when I look back it feels like there are no coincidences in life. how one would explain all choices , decisions & opportunities I got in my life. those choices, actions made me person I have become today. Asha
  4. hi flashrino : that's such a normal feeling of feeling of burden on your spouse. I felt same way & told my husband I will be fine if he chose to walk away & not be in this marriage, & he straightened me out saying he is choosing to stay in this marriage because he wants to & his sense of love for his wife & our son, & by saying this all the time I was insulting his love for me & our family. I am so grateful he stayed today our marriage is stronger than it ever was before. things change. today after 13 years on this post stroke journey we both feel stroke was just as speed bump in our life just slowed us down to enjoy scenery along the way. Asha
  5. I agree with Heather : you should let your parents know, you will get great support from your family by doing that. Asha
  6. Oh wow Janeille : thats sign of succesful people who wil work on boring thing first & then do regular stuff. I am opposite I can procastinate mudane stuff till last minute till it becomes crisis. Asha
  7. Greg : welcome to best online stroke support group & community sorry you had need to find us, but now that you found us, you guys will never feel alone. stroke affects whole family & puts every one outside of their comfort zone, but together as a family you all can get through this. what does not kil you does make you stronger. try to get her as much therapy she can. whatever moves she should try to use it every day more & more till it becomes your second nature. I stroke at age of 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved. I never thought I would find joy in living again. but thanks to support of family, friends & this site I found my joy back & today after 13 plus years on this post stroke journey I view my stroke as just speed bump in our life's journey, it slowed me down to enjoy scenery along the way. my stroke made my marisge stronger & bought us very close Asha (now 46 year old survivor)
  8. hi strokewife: I don't know how my caregiver handled my stroke is beyond me though no two strokes are similar & so are stroke caregivers experiences. stroke does put every one outside of their comfort zone to handle their new reality & make you feel insecure & overburdened by things to deal with. my husband aka caregiver used to tell me following things which made me feel so much better. keep your head above water when you are feeling like you going to drown tide will change. I know one thing for sure nothing lasts forever good times or bad times things do change. don't worry about things you can not control. Asha
  9. I sometime forget that I am stroke survivor & try to do things beyound my limit., but when something needs to be done I push myself & do more things I ever did prestroke or post stroke for that matter, so had to pay price for it, luckily no damage just day spent in ER & came home to get more checking done on monday. Anyway last week I met my grade school friend after some 20+ years & day before & after had family reunions to attend, so had lot of fun in all events, stayed long hours up to make food for party & guests coming at our home. So anyway after all that ended my body also gave out & was feeling uncomfortable on my non affected side of body, so went to ER got it checked out nothing showed up at ER now have to do more testing on Monday hopefully it will be nothing, learn to treat my half body kindly just because I can do it, does not mean I should. anyway there were extreme emotions on all days. this is first time all of my siblings were together. So it was very nice & get together of all my extended family members are always memorable & on top of that meeting my school friend made it sweeter, so visit to ER was good equalizer of the all positive feelings lol Asha
  10. wow Pam : are you flying to CA to go to yosemite & lake tahao both beautiful places I am sure you are going to have lot of fun. take lot of pictures & update us. did you by accident deleted your old blogs? Asha
  11. Kelli : family reunions are so much fun. I am glad you had great time meeting all of your cousins Asha
  12. you all know how I resisted our move to our new home, slowly it is beginning to feel like home & has my print everywhere. yes decorated with material things I loved. hubby is usually dead against of buying things we don't need so him relaxing about my purchases feels good. This home was unoccupied for last few years so when we moved in we interrupted ground hog who was living in our flower bed. There was war going on between my husband & ground hog & I bet both were admitting to their spouses that this time I got tough opponent lol. groundhog would dig in hubby would fill in hole & in the end my flower bed became our front patio lol hubby had tried cage & all other tricks but could not never catch the critter finally when ground hog started digging at other place hubby called animal control professional guy who charged us big bucks & was able to catch critter in a day using same tricks hubby had tried. that groundhog looked so cute trapped in that cage that next day in hot weather kido & hubby were making sure to give him food & water lol. Anyway slowly all smalll nuisances we were dealing with after our move is beginning to sort out & this does feel like home where we belong together. So I am happy Asha
  13. Fred : you don't have to introduce we all remember you well. hope you can login & post often now welcome back Asha( I guess we both joined around same time in 2005)
  14. Sue : I feel some babits die hard, we can afford to keep heating very high, but I find it waste of energy & of money so will rather keep cold in night & wear sweaters & stay beneath comforters. I guess I find that more exciting when we are saving money & not wasting where it is not needed. mind you we have plans to donate most of the our money when we die, that has been our goal from very beginning. So I feel its personal choice. Asha
  15. hi Steve : I am so sorry that stroke happened to you at such a young age, but it sucks at ant age we all deal with why me question. but when we step back & look around & realize every one is fighting some battle of one or other kind, & this is our battle & we have all the right tools to be able to fight or carry on this cross then it does not feel so bad, & we all are given this hand to play ion our life, how to play to best of our ability is in our hand & in control, so that has been my motto making best lemonade possible. I feel I wasted 9 months of my life crying in why me not going to waste single day not being happy. so happiness is a choice is my mantra. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved. I thought I would never find joy in living again, but being young was in my favor slowly day by day I am able to build my new normal which is of my liking. I found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. hope to see you around often. we chat every day on this site afternoon 3-4 EST & evening 8-9EST Asha